Easy Yoga Techniques to Prevent Problems that Come with Aging

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

It’s no secret that yoga increases flexibility. With practice, you will notice that you can bend and stretch your body in ways you never have before. Yoga teachers say that an individual’s age can be identified with the flexibility of the spine, and not through number of years.

Yoga helps you in preventing body’s degeneration. The years have put a strain in your bones with the wrong diet, abuse with work, and wrong posture.

If you’ve gone through these active years without regular exercise, then your body will ultimately collapse. Like a machine, it needs proper care and maintenance.

The best way to care for your body and bones is through yoga. This exercise has proven to dramatically increase your health if you do it regularly.

There are poses you can do as you age. These are great in preserving your age and maintaining your body because it slows down the aging process by: providing suppleness to your abdominal muscles, flexibility to your spine, eliminating tensions, firming up your skin, improving your posture, and removing your double chin.

First and foremost, keeping your spine healthy is ultimately important, especially if you lead an active life. The stretching and breathing exercises involved in yoga help increase agility and flexibility.

There are no age requirements in yoga. Whether you’re a strapping youngster or a meek senior, you can get into the routine and enjoy the benefits.

The secret is to start slowly after consulting with your physician. The warm up exercises that go with it is just as important because it prepares your muscles before it stretches and pushes itself.

The moment you feel discomfort, stop and rest. With time and patience you will see that you will soon be doing the difficult poses with ease.

If you have avoided exercise but would like to be flexible, it is never too late to begin. Yoga enthusiasts believe that they get into the holistic experience to refresh the mind, body and spirit.

Recent studies reveal that older people who started practicing yoga poses have slowed their aging process and felt better than they ever have. Yoga aims to unite and balance your body’s different components. It is an integrated system for the benefit of the body, mind, and spirit.

If you are really serious about getting into yoga to slow down aging, look into the practice of asanas. The said practice involves breathing exercises and meditation to remove digestive disorders, varicose veins, chronic weaknesses, and other conditions that come when you age.

Regular yoga practice also helps in weight management by making you more aware of your body. You will be trained to respond to your body’s call and get you attuned to your mind.

There are books and websites that talk about your ability to enhance your body and to start on a new healthy lifestyle. With the help of yoga, you will naturally live longer because you are able to influence all the significant determinants of a long life: brain, glands, spine and internal organs.

As you grow older, your body will need to take in more oxygen. Each and every cell in your system will be affected due to lack of oxygen.

Yoga feeds all those cells that are greatly looking for the oxygen they need. Reinforce your back, stretch out your lung capacity, and make yoga a part of your routine.