Don’t Overdress Or You May Get Skin Problems

As the weather begins to turn a little bit colder, we may find that we are putting more and more clothes on in order to compensate for the chill. Believe it or not, this may be what is behind many of the skin problemsthat we are experiencing.

As a matter of fact, it is not only whenever it is chilly outside that many of us tend to over dress, it is also whenever we tend to be a little bit cold natured and get chilly in the heat. If you are experiencing skin problems regularly, such as rashes or flaking, you may be able to overcome it to a certain extent by changing the way that you dress.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to wear less clothing and still maintain the body heat. There are some different things that we can wear, however, that will make a difference in how many skin problemsthat we have.

Much of the clothing that we tend to wear whenever it is colder is not only synthetic, it may also be lined with animal fur, or fake animal fur. Those of us who have problems with our skin are typically highly allergic to these items which shows up in the form of eczema.

By switching to all natural cotton fibers, preferably organic, you are giving your body an opportunity to heal. Best of all, it allows your skin to breathe without having to worry about it breathing in toxins.

Another thing that we might want to watch out for are the different types of detergents that we are using to wash our clothes. One of the main culprits for eczema is the fact that we tend to use laundry detergents that are acidic.

Most of us are not familiar with just how delicate of a balance acidity and alkalinity play within our body. Whenever our body is acidic, it is diseased. If we lean towards the alkaline, we have better health as a result.

It can be a little bit difficult for you to make these changes but by doing so, you will be overcoming your eczema to the best of your ability. That will make any changes that you have to make well worth the effort. Why not start today? You could begin to realize clearer skin by tomorrow.

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