Does Your Breath Smell Bad

The main cause of bad breath that people will suffer from is due to the waste products that are produced by anaerobic oral bacteria and these particular types of bacteria do not need oxygen in order to survive.

The waste products I am talking about are hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, cadaverine, putrescine and skatole.

In fact you will find that a person’s mouth is full of hundreds of different types of bacteria and each type is vying with the others for space to live in. An excess of any type of bacteria is going to cause bad breath, as bacteria multiply so rapidly so unless you remove the source of the odour, it will get worse over time.

The best way of preventing anaerobic oral bacteria from producing their waste products which are a cause of bad breath is keeping your mouth clean. It is important that you do not allow plaque to accumulate on your teeth as this can often help the bacteria which cause bad breath.

It only takes a very thin layer of plaque (0.1 to 0.2 mm) as oxygen levels in your mouth will be reduced. By allowing this to happen you are allowing the anaerobic bacteria the chance to flourish and so produce more of their waste products.

What this means in real terms is that the more plaque there is in your mouth the more space these odor producing bacteria will gain.

Today you will find that the up to 90% of the people who suffer from bad breath suffer from this condition due to the excessive bacteria in their mouth.

So how can you get rid of this bacteria?

One method is to clean your tongue regularly. You probably spend a long time scrubbing your teeth several times per day, but the smell is more likely to be originating from your tongue; particularly the back of it. That is where food particles lodge themselves and thus, bacteria multiply.

Because it is hard to reach this spot, you could have weeks or even months of bacteria living at the back of your tongue. Sound horrible? Maybe so, but there’s a great chance its contributing to your bad breath.

The Orasweet tongue scraper is a revolutionary product that does not hurt your tongue like other scrapers. It is the only scraper that is specifically designed to reach the very back of your tongue; where the most food particles and bacteria are. At under $5, it very well could be the cheapest bad breath cure in the world.

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