Does Glycolic Acid Skin Care Really Work?

Glycolic acid is credited with revealing smoother looking skin, increasing cell growth and promoting healthy skin. In its concentrated form it is used as a rust remover in industrial plants.

It is extremely dangerous i.e. it will cause severe skin burns if you dropped some on your hands. But the cosmetic industry use very diluted concentrate of glycolic acid. Skin care products include moisturizers, face peels, exfoliants etc.

It works by destroying the “glue” binding the old skin cells to your face. Shedding these cells reveals the younger looking, less wrinkled skin. This leads to skin looking brighter and any scars are less noticeable.

This exfoliating mechanism also works very well on skin prone to pimples and/or acne. The acid helps to reduce blocked pores by removing the dead cells and dry flaky skin.

Glycolic acid also has the ability to moisturise this skin hence why it is hailed as the miracle cure. But certain cosmetic companies have increased the chemical levels in their skin care treatments.

The user certainly gets her younger looking skin but soon finds that it is now extremely sensitive to sun light and burns very easily. Heavymoisturisers and sun care protection are required after treatment.

Fruit acids have long been used in beauty treatments. For example, Tomatoes have been a home beauty favorite for years. These fruit acids work in a similar but gentler way to glycolic acid skin treatments. If you put slices of raw tomato on your face, they will also loosen surface skin cells. This is an excellent way of removing blackheads.

The cosmetic companies have used the fact that homemade beauty treatments rely on fruit acids to their advantage. People tend to believe that if a product is “natural” it must be safe to use. If you also believe this, think about the fact that poppies are natural flowers yet they produce opium.

If you suffer with a severe skin condition, your dermatologist may suggest a chemical face peel. This form of skin treatment involves a more concentrated level of glycolic acid and is not one to be undertaken lightly.

Yes they can achieve fantastic results but you pay for it in the form of very red and sore skin. Your skin will recover with time and patience and devoted followers of this practice believe it is worth it.

Do not try this at home on your own. It is possible to buy some skin caretreatments on the internet that have higher concentrations of this acid than those available in the drug store. You can get products that contain 30% or higher levels of this acid while most doctors would recommend 10% or less.

You can suffer severe reactions to these products so always use a qualified dermatologist. If you have little or no reaction then you can discuss home glycolic acid skin care treatments with your doctor. We only have one face so you and I should treat it with TLC.

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