Does anyone have home remedies for clearer skin?

Does anyone have any simple home remedies that make your skin clearer i have had big time acne and now it is starting to heal but i have many dark spots where the acne used to be usually it takes 1-2 months for these spots to disappear and i was wondering is a there some NATURAL remedy out there that can make it go away faster

Homemade Acne Remedy Treatment – 5 Tips to Clear Those Breakouts Fast

When it comes to clearing acne, look no further than these homemade acne remedy treatments. They're cheap, super effective, and you can find the ingredients anywhere.

1.) The oil cleansing method. This homemade acne remedy is one of my favorites because it worked so well for me. All you need to do is mix some extra virgin olive oil with some castor oil, put it on your face, and then cover your face with a hot rag for a few minutes. Wipe it off and you're done.

2.) Baking soda for acne. This is another favorite because it costs less than a dollar. Just mix some baking soda with some water and lightly rub the paste onto your face. Rinse off when finished.

3.) Aspirin masks. Get some uncoated aspirin pills, crush them up, mix with a little bit of water and place the mixture on your face. Let this one sit for a few minutes before washing it off. This is great for exfoliating as well as helping clear up current break outs quickly.

4.) Honey Mask. Don't get plain honey from Acme, try and find uncooked/unprepared honey from a health food store. This mask is great for moisturizing and reducing the appearance of current breakouts. Do this before a shower to make it easier to rinse off.

5.) Egg white and lemon mask. This mask makes your skin incredibly soft and smooth and it will reduce the red marks from past breakouts.

While all of these homemade acne remedy treatments work wonders for your skin and will get rid of current break outs more quickly, they can never cure your problems. You will still be dealing with the acne after it happens rather than preventing it.

In order to prevent acne, you have to address the root causes inside of your body. A homemade acne remedy is only good for treating the acne symptoms on your face, not the acne problems inside your body.

Go to to discover the root causes of acne and get the step by step guide that will teach you exactly what you can do to finally be cured of all your acne problems. Imagine the relief you'll feel every morning when you wake up and KNOW you're skin still looks fantastic.

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