Do You Know Someone With Depression?

Depression is very common and there is a good chance that someone you know will suffer from it. Unfortunately too many people try to deal with depression on their own and won’t ask for help, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need help.

It can be difficult to understand what someone is going through if you haven’t suffered from depression yourself. So if you know someone that always seems sad or is no longer interested in the activities you once enjoyed together, don’t just think of them as being a party pooper, they might be suffering from depression and may need your help.

You might not think that the person has anything significant to be depressed about, but that is completely irrelevant. When someone suffers from depression they don’t need anything significant to cause their depression, it can be something that has gradually occurred over time even though they may not appear to be overly stressed.

If you have a friend that suffers from depression you might not enjoy being around them if they are just sad and moping about all the time. But although they aren’t all that much fun to be around, this is the time that they need you the most.

A depression sufferer will often lose interest in social activities and prefer to stay home and be alone and this is a feeling that can be difficult for them to overcome in their state of mind.

This state of mind is often caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and as such is difficult to change. A chemical imbalance in the brain can result in more and more negative thinking and the more negative thinking that occurs the worse that imbalance becomes.

Negative thoughts breed more negative thoughts and a person gets caught in a vicious cycle of negativity. When a person is caught deep in that vicious cycle of negativity it can be hard to think positive at all.

To try and tilt the balance back in favour of positive energy a person needs lots of positive thinking and when deep in depression it is almost impossible to do that on their own.

This is why that although they may not feel like being social, it is good to keep encouraging them to be social and be involved in activities with you. It is important to try and be positive and influence them in a positive way.

Even if you can’t get them out to join in a game of golf or tennis, perhaps just a talk over coffee can help lift their spirits a little. A good support system is vital to someone with depression and just being there to listen to them if they need to talk can help.

Don’t neglect a friend because they always seem to be down and miserable, just remember that this is likely when they will need you most.

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