Derma Remedies Now Offers Safe Alternatives to Expensive Skin Tag Removal Procedures

Inwood, WV (PRWEB) June 20, 2009

Skin tags and warts are two skin conditions that cause most people embarrassment and discomfort, often keeping them from talking to their doctor about the problem. In most cases, the solutions suggested by medical doctors involve costly procedures such as freezing, burning or surgically removing skin tags ( or warts. Derma Remedies announces they now offer alternatives that are free of harsh chemicals or acids. This exciting news is important for hundreds of thousands of sufferers who previously have had to endure painful surgery to correct these issues.

John Fields of Derma Remedies explained, “Many people develop skin tags or warts as they get older, but it isn't something most people like to talk about. The embarrassment can keep them from finding out about a solution. For others, the high cost and potential for scarring with traditional medical skin tag removal procedures – including burning them, freezing them or treating them with steroids or acids – keeps them from asking for help.” He adds, “Now, sufferers can go to our website and find a non-surgical solution to these common problems.”

Sufferers don't have to pay a fortune for skin tags removal anymore. At Derma Remedies, recent research has been conducted to look into the causes of skin tags and warts. The experts at Derma Remedies have discovered that most skin tags, hemorrhoids, and warts can be successfully treated without scarring through the use of their revolutionary product. Fields goes on to say that, “In fact, because we treat the cause of the skin tags or warts, we also keep them from coming back.”

Warts and skin tags often come back more than once after laser, dry ice or chemical removal because the root of the problem isn't addressed. With these cosmetic procedures, the symptom is addressed, but not the cause. At Derma Remedies, their gentle, effective treatments are designed to stop skin tags and warts permanently. Since Derma Remedies solutions can be purchased without a prescription, they are far less costly than other products on the market.

The lack of strong artificial chemicals and steroids makes Derma Remedies' hemorrhoids removal and warts removal products safe even for children as young as five years old. Derma Remedies are simply applied daily; results are usually seen within a few days to a few weeks.

Fields added, “Derma Remedies is also aware of the embarrassment some customers feel when purchasing skin tags or wart removal products. We respect every customer's dignity and privacy by sending Derma Remedies in discreet packages direct to their door. Fields states, “It's a relief for our customers to know they can successfully remove skin tags and warts at home without trips to the drugstore or their doctor's office. We're proud of our commitment to safe, inexpensive and lasting solutions to the unsightly problem of skin tags and warts.”

About Derma Remedies, LLC

Derma Remedies is a research and development company based in West Virginia and dedicated to designing safe alternative therapies for skin tags, warts removal, hemorrhoids and other skin problems. Derma Remedies' alternative solutions for skin conditions save patients money while providing peace of mind.