Cure Enlarged Prostate (BPH) with Herbs and Natural Remedies

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH or enlarged prostate) is often preventable and treatable a natural way. Enlarged prostate natural help and remedies can ease the symptoms of BPH or enlarged prostate. Men will be able cure BPH by adopting a more active lifestyle.

“Most of us live congestive lifestyles. We sit a lot, which puts pressure on the prostate. We eat refined and high-fat foods, which contribute to stagnation,” says Dr. Elson Haas, director of the Marin Clinic of Preventive Medicine in San Rafael, California. [Article: Natural Treatments for Prostate Problems by Laurel Vukovic]

Herbs May Reduce Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate

Many prostate problems happen as men approach their 40s and their bodies begin converting testosterone to DHT. Decreasing urinary stream, recurring urinary tract infection, and dribbling are some of enlarged prostate symptoms that can slow down a man. Enlarged prostate cures may vary, but most prostate problems can often be reduced with herbs, for problems that do not involve cancer.

Among the many enlarged prostate herbal remedies, saw palmetto seems to be the most popular natural help and remedy. Saw palmetto can reduce enlarged prostate by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Palmetto can also lessen the urge for night urination by 25%. Men who suffer from non- malignant prostate enlargement can make use of saw palmetto combined with zinc.

The highest concentration of zinc in the body is in the prostate gland, making it the most important single nutrient for prostate health. Men suffering from prostate enlargement often have low level of zinc in their prostate fluid and semen. “Thus, prostate infection may indicate low level of zinc in the prostate gland,” cautions Dr. Michael Murray, author of Male Sexual Vitality.

Other herbs known for prostate treatment are pygeum and horsetail. Pygeum herb has been used as a remedy for benign prostatic hypertrophy since the mid-18th century. Horsetail is an herb used to treat urine infection, and to shrink prostate inflammation and enlargement. Some herbalists combine horsetail with the green, sterile shoots of hydrangea herb, which is used for inflamed or enlarged prostate including kidney stones.

Herbs have substances that can help reduce prostate growth and inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Herbal remedies for prostate can decrease estrogen’s effects on prostate cells. Herbal supplements are usually effective and have few side effects.

Home Remedies for Prostate Problems

Prostate problems are the results of many factors such as dietary and lifestyle. Researchers believe that prostate trouble is the result of a diet that is deficient in the nutrients required by the prostate. Obesity connects with heart disease, diabetes, and cancers of the lung, prostate problems, and many more.

Home remedies for enlarged prostate must begin with a healthy diet. Wellness recommends eating whole foods containing varying amounts of zinc such as oysters (highest source available), ginger root, ground round steak, split peas, whole wheat and rye. Food rich in carotene and essential fatty acids can help prevent prostate problems. Pumpkin seeds’ unsaturated fatty acids are known to be good for prostate health.

The best protection against prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer is a high animal protein diet combined with thyroid, progesterone and pregnenolone therapy. “Thyroid supplementation, adequate animal protein, trace minerals, and vitamin A are the first things to consider in the prevention of prostate hypertrophy and cancer. (Peat, 1998)

Other remedies and cures for enlarged prostate include health supplements and pills that will work for prostate problems. Vitamins A, C, E and selenium are antioxidants that can help protect body cells and tissues from free radical damage. The natural product bee pollen contains zinc and magnesium that are important to prostate health. Fruits and vegetables such as berries, parsley, spinach and tomatoes nourish the prostate gland and prevent the recurrence of prostate problems.

Easy Treatments and Self-care for Prostate Health

Treatments for enlarged prostate should focus on overall health improvement. Dr. Elson Haas of the Marin Clinic of Preventive Medicine in San Rafael, California supports an approach aimed at reducing the congestion that puts pressure on the prostate.

No one home remedy for prostate problems fits all. However, most men need enlarged prostate cures that will ease their frequent urination, difficulty in urinating, pain in the lower back and around the groin, and prostate infections.

Taking on an exercise program, eating a low fat, high fiber diet, and avoiding alcohol can prevent prostate congestion. A weekly prostate massage is known to be a helpful prostate remedy. Hot and cold packs on the prostate area also help reduce inflammation and can stimulate circulation.

Even though it is possible to live a good adult life, a great number of people can develop some health problems. However, many health conditions like enlarged prostate or BPH can now be managed and controlled effectively.

What do to about prostate problems? Have a regular prostate check, in addition to the other things you can do to alleviate BPH.


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