Cough – Causes and Home Remedies

Cough may be defined as a sudden reflex directed to clear or cleanse air ways of secretions, microbes, irritants and foreign particles. The cough reflex is a progression of three distinct phases that occur one after the other. The phases are:

1. Inhalation
2. Forced exhalation against a closed glottis.
3. Air being given out violently by the lungs followed by opening up of glottis.
A distinctive sound usually accompanies the release of air from lungs. Cough may be dry or may be accompanied by sputum discharge. For some people, coughing is solely a nocturnal phenomenon whereas some suffer from diurnal cough. For others, coughing takes place equally at day and night both. Depending upon duration, cough may be classified in to acute (sudden onset lasting for less than 3 weeks), sub-acute (lasting for a time period between 3-8 weeks), and chronic (lasting for more than 8 weeks). Some of the causes of cough may be listed as follows:
1. Respiratory tract infection caused by viruses and bacteria.
2. Choking
3. Smoking
4. Inhalation of air pollutants
5. Asthma
6. Allergies
7. Chronic bronchitis
8. Lung tumors
9. Heart failure
10. Gastro-esophageal reflux disease
11. Post nasal drip
12. ACE inhibitors
13. Certain medications.
Home Remedies for Cough
1. Take a cup of grape juice mixed with a teaspoon honey twice daily. This is an effective cough relief method.

2. Peel the skin of 7-8 almonds and soak in water overnight. In the morning, make a paste of the almonds. Add 20 gms butter and sugar to it. Take the paste twice daily to check cough.
3. Take a cough syrup made by extracting the juice of one raw onion mixed with one teaspoon honey. This prevents the occurrence of cough.
4. Roasted and powdered root of turmeric is highly effective against dry cough. 3 grams of the powder should be taken twice daily.
5. Prepare a sauce by adding 100 gms of crushed raisins, 100 gms of sugar to 300 ml water and heating the mixture until a sauce-like consistency is obtained. Take one teaspoon of the sauce at bedtime. This cures cough.
6. Mix 2 grams of the pulp of belleric myroblan, one-fourth teaspoon salt, half teaspoon long pepper and 2 teaspoon honey. Take the mixture twice daily to get relief from cough.
7. Take a glass full of orange juice diluted with warm. This is a useful cure for cough.
8. Daily intake of aniseed tea is an effective home remedy for cough.
9. Gargling with spinach juice relieves cough.
10. Eating garlic at bed time is an effective cure for cough.
11. Mix half spoon of Cuscus grass, 3-4 teaspoon coconut milk and 1 teaspoon honey. Drink the mixture before going to bed at night. This helps to get rid of cough.

Simple and effective homemade Cold / Cough remedy