Cosmetica Dental “new smile”

by Eloy Burga

Creating a new smile with your own hands: direct resin veneers

By Dr. Eloy Burga Noriega, DDS

I. Introduction

People´s awareness of esthetic dentistry is no more under discussion; it´s a fact. Ordinary men and women, not only media stars, want radiant smiles. Esthetic enhancement of dentition can be done through a great array of procedures and different degrees of invasiveness.

Which is the best procedure? The expert practitioner is able to determine which is the best solution through an accurate diagnosis.

Generally speaking, patients prefer the less invasive treatments although some of them imply that the work will need to be redone some time in the future.

“We all know that everything we do in dentistry has a lifespan and at some point most, if not all, of the restorations we place will need to be replaced.” (1)

Direct bonding of composite resin can provide excellent and extremely conservative esthetic results. For decades, direct resin veneers have been an important part of the services provided by cosmetic dentists, but the results are now better because of the improvements in many areas.

For example, the incorporation of a variety of new shades makes it possible to create virtually life-like restorations.

To be able to simulate the teeth structure in all their characteristics, of course, does not depend only upon the quality of the material or the equipment. The dentist´s hands and his of her artistic sensibility and skills play an irreplaceable role.

… to be continued.