Confidential Blood Testing, Where Can I Get This Done?

by Darcy Fonner
(Florida, USA)

Blood tests are conducted for a variety of reasons. Many people get blood tests to check up on what is going on in their bodies, whether they have a known condition or they are worried that they might be suffering from some medical problem. When you need confidential blood testing, there are a number of options available to you.

Online Testing

It is possible to receive blood testing online. The process begins with ordering a specific blood test. Once you order the test or tests you want performed, you will be given a choice of lab locations that are most convenient to where you live or work. You will prepay for the service in most cases.

You will be provided with instructions on when your test will take place and you must bring along the forms provided after you have paid for the service. Once the blood test is complete, the blood sample is sent to an accredited laboratory. When your results are ready to view, you will be sent an email of these results. You can then choose whether you want to share these results with a physician.

Going to A Lab or Clinic

Many people choose the option of local labs for blood testing. One of the best options for getting your blood tested is to make an appointment at a lab or clinic in your local area. The lab will have the knowledge and expertise to collect a blood sample, process it and provide your doctor with the results.

To get your blood tested at a clinic, you will need to make an appointment. Depending on the type of test you want to get, you may have to fast the night before the test. If you do, you will be notified to do this.

At your appointment time, you will come in and get your blood drawn. Once the blood is drawn, it will go directly to a lab on the premises. Most test results are provided within a week of the test, but this depends on the type of test you are taking. The lab will then provide you with the results of your test, or if you prefer, the lab can provide the test results directly to your doctor. Then you can ask your doctor any questions you may have about your test results.

Getting a blood test can be a simple and quick process for those who need it. All you have to do it know where the best place is to provide you with the services you need.

Author Bio:

Darcy Fonner is a Registered Nurse in Florida. When she is not blogging or working, she enjoys surfing and spending time on the beach.