Cellulite Treatment at Home

Cellulite is a skin condition in which tiny bumps and ripples are found under the skin. Connecting the skin to the subcutaneous layers are the strands of fibrous tissue. These strands also separate the underlying compartments comprising fat cells. When these compartments enlarge in size, they cause the natural fibers holding the skin to the tissue layer underneath to stretch, thereby giving a rippled appearance. Cellulite is superficial fat trapped in areas underneath the top layer of the skin. It is found on those areas of the body where the fat deposition is concentrated, such as the buttocks, hips, abdomen and thighs. The skin becomes pitted, wrinkled, dimpled and bulging. Cellulite is nothing but ordinary fat, altering the appearance of the skin. Cellulite conduces a feeling of sagging, tenderness, tightness, etc. especially while standing.

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This skin condition can affect men, women and children, however, women have been observed to be affected the most. Almost 95% of women suffer from this condition to some extent. This is because women exhibit a vertical pattern of collagen in the compartments that hold the fat cells. The fat is stored in these vertical cells, which then faces a pulling down effect, thereby conducing bulging. In men, the collagen pattern is tighter, thicker and more of a diagonal fashion. The fat build up is smooth and bulging of the compartments is lesser, as compared to females. Another reason why women feature more cellulite than men is high estrogen levels. This hormone estrogen directly affects the holding capacity of fat cells by increasing alpha-adrenoreceptors, which are the chemical rostrums instructing the fat compartments to hold their contents. Cellulite can be conduced by various factors such a poor lymphatic circulation, bad blood circulation, poor diet and even genes. Genes control the amount of fat turning into cellulite, which is why genetics also play an important role on why cellulite is formed.

Cellulite Home Remedies

Before we head into cellulite treatment at home, one should embrace the fact that there is no permanent solution to eliminate cellulite, however, there are ways to treat it. This means that we can reduce the appearance of cellulite and try to prevent further cellulite formation. The different natural cellulite treatments are:

Diet: People who are overweight need to alter their diet. The diet should encompass foods rich in nutrients like blueberries, nuts, soy, etc. Nutrients such as vitamin B, essential fatty acids and glucosamine should be taken by the body. Moreover, onions have wonderful natural diuretic properties, which is why they release water buildup from skin cells. Reduction of cellulite will also call for abstinence from nicotine and caffeine. One should also drink plenty of water and not consume excess salt.

Exercise: One of the most effective cellulite treatment is exercise. Cellulite can be reduced by performing specific exercises that will help tone the legs and buttocks. Exercises like walking, biking, pilares, yoga, stair climbing, etc. help increase muscle mass. Less fat and more muscle mass causes the cellulite to disappear, as the muscle will stretch the skin and cause the bumpy appearance to disappear. Regular exercise assists fat burning, which is the cause for cellulite and also removes toxin filled wastes from the skin.

Massaging: Massaging the troubled cellulite areas daily will increase the blood circulation in that area and will break up the unwanted fat lumps. Massaging also enhances the lymph flow, which also contributes in cellulite reduction. All the metabolic wastes from the interstitial tissues surrounding the adipose tissues will be removed in a better fashion, thereby giving the skin a smoother appearance. Several professionals provide massage for cellulite, such as endermology, lymphatic massage, etc. However, one can buy a simple round-prong hand tool or a powered massager that provides heat, massage and suction like the endermology machines used by professionals.

Exfoliation: Regular cleansing and exfoliation of the cellulite area is one of the home treatments. It involves the brushing of the body in a shower using a body brush, loofah or wash cloth. One should first start brushing in a circular motion and then brush motion upwards towards the bowel. This will increase the blood circulation and will help remove the metabolic wastes surrounding the fat cells. Aromatherapy oils added to the bath also stimulate the body system.

Pantyhose: Of the different cellulite home remedies is the pantyhose remedy, which helps reduce cellulite and also combat it. The body shaping pantyhose will contour the thighs, thereby compressing the fat. It also stimulates blood circulation and facilitate the process of cellulite reduction.

Body Wrap: Both professional as well as homemade a body wrap makes an effective cellulite treatment. One can prepare the body wrap with ground coffee and seaweed to reduce the cellulite. Seaweeds are available at health food stores, which can be bought to form the wrap. For the wrap one needs to apply warm ground coffee on the cellulite areas, wrap it with moist seaweed and then finally wrap it in plastic wrap. Unwrap after half an hour and rinse off in a shower. This home cellulite treatment involves the combination of herbs and minerals, which stimulate the fat cells to release the toxins and metabolic waste.

Superficial fat or cellulite may never disappear completely, irrespective of the permutation and combination of cellulite home remedies. However, these treatment at home can help one’s thighs appear toned and in good shape.