Sleep Disorders Can Ruin Lifestyle for Seniors

by Gail Browser (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Seniors with sleep disorders can suffer from health problems and drastic changes in lifestyle. They can also be deadly when they interfere with driving and other focus-related accidents. Seniors with sleep disorders often complain of lack of energy and depression. Unless changes occur and good sleep patterns are regained, […]

Exercises for Osteoporosis To Increase Bone Density

Simple exercises to help improve your bone health The following exercises for osteoporosis are weight-bearing and can help maintain and increase bone density in the spine and hips, and arms. ‘Weight-bearing’ means any exercise where you are supporting the weight of your own body.   Follow these video guides and improve your bone density.Don’t be disheartened by the video […]

Live Life to the Fullest

by Steph Cavelli (Detroit, USA) Do you fear growing old so much that you hate even talking about it? Maybe it’s because people see it as a time where they spend their lives doing nothing in nursing homes and losing of control of their motor skills. No one wants to be completely dependent on someone else for […]

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Scientists in the UK at the Institute of Cancer Research have discovered that an enzyme may be responsible for the spread of breast cancer to other organs. Extract from:- The researchers found that the enzyme lysyl oxidase-like 2 (LOXL2) is needed for tumour cells to escape from the breast and invade surrounding tissue, thereby […]

Socializing and Healthy Aging

Socializing & Healthy Aging….recent research has revealed that while older men often succumb to depression and loneliness after the death of a spouse, older women thrive and flourish. The reason for that is socializing and healthy aging. Women generally, are better at socializing than men but that does not mean that a man cannotlearn how […]

Staying Active Throughout Your Life To Help Prevent Arthritis

by Gail Browser (California, USA) There are several forms of arthritis but characteristic of all of them isjoint pain, inflammation, and eventual degeneration of the joints and their supporting tissue. By not preventing arthritis, you run the risk of being crippled by this disease as you age. Some cases of arthritis are due to aging […]

What Is Stopping You From Losing Weight?

Losing weight can be frustrating, annoying and just downright discouraging when you find that after several weeks you aren’t losing anything. You may wonder what you are doing wrong, why you are still the same weight, and/or what is stopping you from reaching success. Here are the top most important things that may be stopping […]

Your Aging Brain and You

by Harvey Bond (Chicago, USA) The number of older people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease is rapidly increasing. It seems as if the older you get, the more prone you are to losing your mind. Of course, nobody would want this for themselves. If you are afraid to lose your memory as you age, there […]

Callanetics to Keep You Young Looking

by Martina Sanchez (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Callanetics is a type of exercise that was developed more than three decades ago. A man named Callan Pinckney came up with the idea behind a very different type of exercise program in the 1970s. He called his program “Callanetics”. Callanetics is different from the other popular low impact […]

How To Protect Your Memory As The Years Go By

by Rachel Saunders (Hastings, UK) Memory can be defined as simply a person’s ability to store, retain and recall information such as personal experiences. Of course, memory may be easy to understand but it’s not exactly easy to remember everything. Some people have trouble with memory, and the tips in this article below can help […]