Fiber Foods: Apples

Popular Fiber Foods Like Apples Make Heart Healthy Snacks Apples are not the fruit highest in vitamin C (8.4 mg) or potassium (195 mg). But the combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidant compounds in apples has long been recognized to have a healthful impact. “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning […]

Brain Food for High Performance

Want to know the best brain food to keep you going at peak performance all day long? Balance protein amino acids and B vitamins with complex carbohydrate foods. Hint: A great many high fiber foods fit nicely into this smart eating plan. When you need to think clearly and remember details, rely on protein to deliver […]

Frozen Fruit List for Easy High Fiber Shopping

Frozen berries and fruit list nutrient data nearly as high in fiber as fresh fruits. When shopping to complete a high fiber diet plan, check your grocer’s frozen section for high fiber, and high nutrition, fruits and berries. Because fruits picked for frozen packaging retain freshness better than fresh produce trucked to markets, you may […]

High Fiber Foods – Spinach

An elephant knows dark green leafy high fiber foods give you plenty of potent nutrition. Spinach is one leafy green that packs power — the power of fiber plus nutrition. How Much Fiber in Spinach? Fiber (grams) Amount Description Calories kcal 0.2 One leaf Fresh, Raw 2 7.5 1 Bunch (12 ounces) Fresh, Raw 78 6.2 One […]

Foods with Fiber and Vitamin K

Which foods with fiber and Vitamin K do you have in your healthy eating plan? A high fiber diet plan supplies vitamin K in dark green leafy vegetables and other healthy, high-fiber foods. For good bone health, you need both vitamin K and vitamin D. Fruits Vegetables Grains and Nuts Avocado  Blackberries  Blueberries  Boysenberries  Chinese […]

Stop Coronary Heart Disease with Heart Healthy Foods

Guess What! “Intensive Lifestyle Changes Reverse the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease”published 1998 Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (volume 280 Number 23) describes data showing results of lifestyle changes on heart disease. The data confirm heart disease is not required! Although this is not the only research to tell us that heart disease responds to diet […]

Heart Healthy Foods – Antioxidants

What do heart healthy foods do for you? Food for a healthy heart provides a variety of vitamins, minerals, micro- and macro-nutrients to your body. Nutritional research links heart health with Omega-3 fatty acids, phytoestrogens, antioxidants, and other substances. Antioxidants benefit heart health by reducing oxidative damage to cells and tissue. Some of the best-known antioxidant foods include those high in beta carotene, vitamin […]

High Fiber Foods List

The best healthy eating plans include high fiber foods. Low in Calories — High in Nutrition Fiber content per 100 grams edible portion (or serving size stated) Beans (Legumes) Chickpeas   7.6 g Edamame (soy)   5.2 g Garbanzo   7.6 g Lima Beans   7.7 g Kidney   7.4 g Lentils   7.9 g Pinto   9.0 g Soy Bean   6.0 g Fruits […]

Whole Grain Foods

Your grocer’s shelf offers whole grain foods… but check the ingredients for the term whole. Grains lose vitamins, minerals, and fiber when ground and refined into flour and other food products. To compensate for this nutritional loss, food manufacturers add isolated nutrients (a specific vitamin or dietary fiber component) to breads, pasta, and other products made […]

Foods With Fiber Provide Copper

Mineral Nutrition in Foods with Fiber Easily Meets Daily Requirements for Copper The daily requirement for copper is small enough to be easily met by a healthy eating plan, especially one that includes foods in a high fiber diet. High fiber foods prove to be excellent sources for many essential vitamins and minerals, including copper. […]