Useful Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts state you do not digest or absorb dietary fiber. But you really do get great nutrition for good health from high fiber foods. An elephant naturally knows that plant-based food sources provide both good nutrition and fiber.  A fact some humans seem to forget. To help you remember, use these nutrition charts! Look at the variety of vitamins […]

Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble Fiber Prevents Disease By Moving Things Along The dietary fiber in food accomplishes two major tasks during digestion: Insoluble Fiber causes wave-like contractions to move food through the intestines and waste out of the colon Soluble Fiber activates beneficial bacteria to complete the digestion process What is Insoluble Fiber? Dietary fiber is found in foods we […]

Foods with Fiber and Iron

Mineral Nutrition in Foods with Fiber Helps to Complete Daily Requirements for Macronutrients Macronutrients (like iron and potassium) must be supplied by food in our diet. The body uses minerals for normal functions but has no way to acquire or replace these essential nutrients. A high fiber diet plan helps you choose foods to eat […]

Nutrition Foods and Happiness

Is there a link between nutrition foods and happiness?….Do certain foods make you feel happy? Many nutritional experts have been finding that there is a strong link between nutrition foods and happiness – particularly foods like oily fish – herrings – sardines – mackerel – salmon and tuna and foods that contain tryptophan – which […]

Fiber in Apples

You get 4.4 grams of Fiber in One Medium Apple  An elephant knows a diet high in fiber helps a body work better naturally. Too bad a meat-and-potatoes heavy diet lacks fiber! The typical plate provides much too little fiber to improve your health. Not even the recommended minimum amount fiber. Don’t want to eat off a typical plate? Then you […]

Nutrition Facts Label Vegetables Healthy Foods to Eat

That Nutrition Facts Label tells you a lot! Look on the package to find what is in the food you eat — the fiber content, how much fat, which vitamins, and more. Vegetables Vegetable Fiber Protein Minerals Vitamins Alfalfa, sprouted One cup of raw, sprouted alfalfa seeds, 8 calories 0.6 grams 1.32 grams Potassium – 26 mg Phosphorus – 23 mg Magnesium – 9 […]

Do High Protein Foods Have Fiber?

YES! High Protein Foods like Beans and Grains provide a lot of dietary fiber! And healthy fiber nuts have protein, too! Just one-quarter cup of English Walnuts provides 2.0 grams of fiber and 4.45 grams of protein. And a quarter cup of Black Walnuts gives you more — 2.1 grams fiber and over 7.5 grams of protein. Protein is not limited to only beans, grains, and […]

Blueberries – The Perfect Antioxidant!

Sweet and low-calorie blueberries have become a very popular sale item in most markets ever since the term antioxidant has entered the health food vocabulary. Dietary Fiber:     1 cup = 3.6 grams These deep blue fruits not only have dietary fiber, each berry holds the vitamins and minerals that make a very nutritious food. And, according […]

Chickpeas: One of the High Fiber Foods

Healthy high fiber foods put good nutrition into your high fiber diet. Chickpeas Fiber:  1/2 cup, cooked = 6.2 grams Chickpeas have been used as a healthy food for thousands of years. These nutritious legumes were well known to Romans as food and medicine during the reign of Charlemagne (800 CE). Such a history explains the […]

Vitamin Nutrition in High Fiber Foods

Vitamin nutrition comes from organic components within our food — both plant-based and animal-based foods. Typically, we must acquire vitamins from the foods we eat. A very few vitamins can be synthesized (or made) from other elements in our bodies. For proper growth and energy, we need our diet to contain adequate amounts of both […]