Nutrients in a Heart Healthy Diet

Vitamins and minerals important to a heart healthy diet stimulate antioxidant activity and reduce low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the blood stream. Other nutrients support metabolic processes, immune system health, and growth and development. For good heart health, a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol that includes high fiber foods containing these nutrients may be helpful: B-complex […]

High Fiber Foods Fuel Brain Memory

High fiber foods stimulate brain memory and protect you from degeneration and dementia because they provide nutrients that start antioxidants health benefits activities. Your brain uses more oxygen than any other organ in your body, which means Your brain requires good blood flow to supply oxygen Your brain risks damage from the oxidation process The natural oxidation […]

Heart Healthy Diet with High Fiber Foods

Do you feel good about your health exam reports? A heart healthy diet can help you get better results. Reach your health goals with foods high in fiber. Low sodium for Lower Blood Pressure Low fat for Lower LDL Cholesterol Phytonutrients for antioxidant activity Dense nutrition for vitamins and minerals Nutrients especially good for your heart. […]

Magnesium Rich Foods

Every elephant knows  magnesium rich foods keep bones strong. You watch us eat peanuts at the zoo! Raw Peanuts (1 ounce) Fiber: 2.4 grams, Magnesium: 48 milligrams When you compare nutrition lists for fiber foods, you see that nuts, seeds, and grains prove good sources for this essential mineral. While oats, buckwheat, and durum wheat may score […]

Healthy Fiber Foods – Oranges

Dense nutrition and delicious flavor make oranges one of our favorite healthy fiber foods. How Much Fiber? Grams Amount Description Calories kcal 3.1 1 orange Fresh, Orange, Commercial variety (2-5/8 inch diameter) 62 7.2 1 orange Raw with peel, Orange (no seeds) 100 4.3 1 cup Fresh, Orange sections(Commercial variety) 85 4.4 1 cup Fresh, Orange sections(Florida) […]

Foods with Fiber Easily Supply Enough Manganese

Mineral Nutrition in Foods with Fiber Supplies Your Daily Requirements Manganese The daily requirement for manganese is small enough to be easily met by a healthy eating plan, especially one that includes foods in a high fiber diet. A high fiber diet plan helps you choose foods with the manganese your body requires. High fiber […]

A Food Co-Op Functions Like a Family

A family shares time, money, and resources for safety and health. A Food Co-Op shares Consumer Education and Community Co-operation for good health and good nutrition. In a Food Co-operative (Co-Op), members bring their time, skills and money to help the group obtain and share nutritious food sources. Much as family members join together to […]

Michelle Obama Knows High Fiber Foods Make a Good Health Plan

Want more control over your health? Like Michelle Obama, pay attention to what you eat. In 2010 Michelle Obama launched a campaign named “Let’s Move!” it’s aim was to help fight childhood & teenage obesity within young people. The campaign helps raise awareness about the grim future our country now faces if we don’t start […]

Healthy Snack Foods

Elephants naturally choose nuts and fruits for healthy snack foods. But humans…they shop in grocery stores where snacks look like cookies. chips, and chocolate. Read nutrition labels to find healthy snacks: To boost dietary fiber, choose cookies made with whole grain flour.  Brands that offer whole- or multi-grain options will be the healthier snack choice. Watch out for sugar — sweets can add […]

Oats: A Healthy Fiber Food

Healthy fiber food puts good nutrition into your high fiber diet. Oats Fiber:   100 grams grain = 10.6 grams Oats are an excellent source for both dietary fiber and protein. This cereal grain supplies globulin-type protein, similar in quality to the protein you get from legumes. Studies have shown the soluble fiber in oats make this cereal one […]