For me, cold turkey was it

by Frank D. (New Yotk) I quit cold turkey for the first time. I threw out all the cigarettes in the house and bought lots of chewing gum instead. My motivation was an iPhone after having quit for a year. It worked, and my first time to quit was the only time. I still haven’t touched […]

Taking better care of my health

My erectile dysfunction was overcome by lowering my blood pressure and getting off some of my prescription drugs. I started to exercise and take better care of myself by eating properly and lowering my cholesterol. Once I had better health, my erectile dysfunction got better.  


By taking nutritious food and nuts and cereals. Most effective solution for this is taking Badam nuts and Pista Nuts regularly  

Wait for cold or Flu

If I could offer advice to anyone trying to quit it would be to wait until you have a cold or the flu and you don’t crave nicotine as powerfully as you normally would. Also, it helps a lot if you have something in your life that is more important to you than the next […]

Sea Buckthorn Plant

Sea Buckthorn Affects many Diseases The sea buckthorn plant has been used to treat Parkinson disease, liver disease and gastrointestinal disorders (including peptic ulcers and gastritis). Positive results have also been seen in treating: high cholesterol eczema canker sores anemia tumors atherosclerotic heart disease adenomas leukemia disorders of mucosal tissues ulcerative disorders inflammation burns frostbite […]

Got rid of guilt

My wife discovered my mistress, who dumped me. Without the woman on the side making me seriously insane, my sex life returned. My penis apparently experiences guilt even when I talk myself out of it.

The Problems With Bottled Water

Problems with bottled water start before there is any water in the bottle at all. The bottle itself is a problem. The most commonly used plastic in water bottles is Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This is the same plastic found in polyester fabrics, although for bottles, it is not dyed. Food containers typically use non-recycled plastics to prevent […]

Danger in Your Shower Mist

A bacteria present in municipal water systems can create lung problems when you shower. The bacteria, called Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria, can cause pulmonary disease resembling tubrculosis. The mist in your shower is readily absorbed through your pores. Bacteria or toxins present in the mist can readily create a host of illnesses and disease. If you don’t have a whole-house water […]

Jus Testimonials

I struggled with dry-eye syndrome for years. The symptoms were agonizing and prevented me from focusing my mind. Prescription eye drops didn’t help at all. Two ophthalmologists said there was nothing they could do. A third gave me over-the-counter eye drops, which lost their effectiveness in a few days. Two days of taking Jùs? Voila! I had experienced headaches […]

Dietary Fiber Information

Dietary Fiber Information….the advantages of consuming fiber are the production of healthy compounds during the fermentation of soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber’s ability to increase bulk, soften stool and shorten transit time through the intestinal tract. Food sources of dietary fiber are often divided according to whether they provide (predominantly) soluble or insoluble fiber. Plant foods contain both […]