Can Positive Thinking Help to Slow Down the Aging Process?

by Rhonda Fleming
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

When you see someone who looks aged beyond their years you often think that they must have had a very difficult life.

Everyone will go through some difficult, traumatic and sad experiences in their life, and some more than others. Unfortunately stress and worry can actually take its effect on our skin and health.

So when we reach our older years, is it fair that we need to bear the scars of our life on our face? The worry that some people have over how their skin looks and how their skin feels, adds even more stress to their skin and can age them even more.

So the first step to reducing wrinkles and harsh skin is to stop worrying and try to learn how to deal with stress more effectively.

Do you ever wonder why those ‘grumpy old men’ or ‘grumpy old women’ are the ones that are usually more wrinkled? Those men and women who are more relaxed and at peace with their lives tend to have much younger looking skin.

So I do believe that the way that you think can have a big effect on your skin. So by changing the way that you think you can also slow down the aging process. Your health in general and your skin will enjoy the many benefits that being happy can bring.

If you feel old you will be old and if you feel young inside then you will be young. Although the numbers will still be the same, let’s face it you can’t change the facts, but you can help yourself to stay young at heart and feel young inside and out.

One way to change your thought process is to make the choice to stop worrying about silly little things, like finding a grey hair or a wrinkle or two. Your thoughts are better spent thinking about the good things in your life, like the fact that you are alive, have a bed to sleep in, have a lovely family, have clothes on your back and you have air to breathe.

These might seem like little things, but these are the things that we take for granted and by being thankful for these little things you can start to change your thought process into thinking more positively.

Never get so down thinking about all the little negative things in your life that your life becomes bored and sad. Stay active in both body and mind and the more effort you put into staying active, the more benefits you will receive from it, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Although you can’t stop the aging process, by having a happy, healthy and active lifestyle, filled with positive thinking, you can certainly give your skin and health the best chance.

You can choose to let aging get you down and have a miserable life, or you can take control and enjoy your life.

You know a face looks much better straight away just by changing a frown to a smile! So enjoy what you have in life, take time to smile every day, and your face will be glowing!

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