Boils Causes and Natural Home Remedies

Boil is a localized skin infection caused by the bacteria staphylococcus which enters the body through cuts or abrasion and travels down to the hair follicle or oil gland infecting it. The boil begins as a tiny reddish lump, less than an inch in size. The lump is very painful and the pain increases overtime. In 5-7 days, the lump hardens, grows in size, and the conical centre of the lump gets filled with whitish pus. The pus is composed of infection fighting white blood cells, proteins and bacteria. Gradually the pus filled centre forms a head that may open up spontaneously with the pus getting drained out. In some cases, the ‘head’ has to be removed surgically. When the bacteria infect deeper skin tissues, boil turns to a skin abscess. Face, neck, shoulder, armpits and buttocks are areas susceptible to boils. Boil on eyelids is called sty. Swelling around the pocket of pus, redness, fever and swollen lymph nodes are common symptoms associated with boils. Boils are of the following types:

1. Furuncle or infection of a single hair follicle.
2. Carbuncle or infection of a group of hair follicle.
3. Cystic acne or clogging and infection of deep seated oil ducts.
4. Hidradenitis suppurativa or collective infection of multiple sweat glands.
5. Pilonidal cyst or infection in the base of hair follicle that enlarges with prolonged pressure.
The factors contributing to development of boils may be listed as follows:

1. Ingrown hair
2. Foreign material getting lodged in skin
3. Infection of plugged sweat glands
4. Wrong food pattern
5. Alcohol consumption
6. Chronic constipation
7. Exposure of skin to harsh chemicals
8. Malnutrition
9. Poor hygiene
10. Weakened immune system
11. Disease like diabetes
Home Remedies for Boils
1. Soak a bread in boiling water until it softens, then place it on the boil. This will help to bring out the head of the boil quickly.
2. Mix raw grated carrot into one tablespoon wheat germ oil and apply on the boil. This quickens healing.
3. Make a paste out of crushed fresh linseed and hot water, apply on the boil and cover up with a clean cloth. This heals up a boil.
4. Apply warm honey on boil. This allows easy draining of pus.
5. Placing a lemon slice on boil facilitates easy discharge.
6. Apply iodine thrice a day on boil to arrest the worsening.
7. Mix bitter gourd extracts with lime juice and drink in empty stomach. This gives quick relief from boils.
8. Mix one tablespoon milk cream with half teaspoon vinegar. Apply it on boil to lessen pain and swelling. This is a popular home remedy for boils.
9. Apply a paste made by mixing dried, powdered turmeric root and hot water on boil. The antibacterial properties of turmeric cures boil effectively.