Best Oxygenation with Homeopathy

The philosophy behind oxygen therapy is simple: we all need oxygen for survival. Why breathing oxygen is so vital? Well, if our cells do not receive oxygen, they cannot produce energy. If the cells need more energy, they use more oxygen. That is why our breathing rate increases when we exercise.

We get our oxygen from the air we breathe. However, there is plenty of evidence that our air contains less oxygen today, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas. And the air pollution levels are constantly increasing.

Most people are shallow breathers, especially those who live a sedentary life or those who are chronically stressed. As we age, the oxygen does not reach our cells as efficiently, and this leads to the aging process.

Oxygen therapies have been around for a long time and used mainly by European physicians for over a century. Today, between fifty and one hundred scientific articles are published each month about the chemical and biological effects of ozone and oxygen.

The benefits of oxygenation are numerous from rejuvenation and increased energy levels to any major chronic disease including cancer. In a recent experiment, oxygen has been injected directly into warts, tumors, cysts, moles, etc. whether malignant or benign, and is reported to cause them to dissolve in a matter of days.

Oxygen eliminates toxins by transforming them in water and carbon dioxide via a process called oxidation. In an oxygen rich environment, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections simply do not survive. Moreover, high levels of oxygen trigger the bodies own healing functions, and from here lots of health benefits.

The big question with oxygen therapy is how to increase oxygen delivery inside the cells? The conventional way you can find out there is to pump more oxygen into the body. This reminds me of those patients who lack calcium. The solution is the same, take more calcium, ignoring the fact that the main problem is the imbalance of the calcium metabolism. The body does not absorb the calcium efficiently and this mechanism should be brought back to balance.

Pumping more oxygen into the body is one aspect, but what is most important is how you bring the oxygen to the cell level. And this is where homeopathic oxygenation comes into play. It takes the whole process of oxygenation to another level, the cell level. The new homeopathic treatment can greatly improve:

1. Oxygen transfer between the blood’s red cells and the body cells

2. Improves the entire circulatory system to better carry oxygen and nutrients

3. Breathing becomes fully and unrestricted

These three actions together maximize the oxygen intake and transfer to the cell level. No matter if you stay indoor, go outside, do jogging or play, your level of body/cells oxygenation will improve anyway. It is the most efficient form of oxygen therapy. Try it once, and you will understand and feel the large spectrum of benefits that this new treatment brings to your health and vitality.

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