Bad Breath Home Remedies

by Harry Oldridge
(Boston, MA, USA)

Before we look at what acid reflux bad breath is will provide a quick explanation as to what acid reflux is. Acid reflux happens when the contents of a person’s stomach is allowed up into their esophageus or throat.

Although many experts will tell you that bad breath is caused by what a person’s eat or a lack of saliva in their mouths. There are others who believe it is caused through stress, dehydration and the activity of a person’s stomach (acid indigestion).

But certainly one of the major causes that seems to be associated with a person having bad breath is acid reflux.

Are there times when you have woken up in the morning and found that your breath smells this is because a lot of people actually experience acid reflux whilst they sleep and so your bad breath isn’t just being caused by a lack of saliva activity? It actually makes sense.

What you have to remember where acid reflux is concerned is that the acidic liquid in your stomach is able to get up into your throat because of the loosening of the collapsible valve at the top of your stomach.

This acidic liquid certainly does not smell nice and often you will find that your throat and stomach also feel uncomfortable because of it.

But just how can acid reflux Bad Breath be prevented?

Well the best way of dealing with acid reflux bad breath is to look at the kinds of food you are eating. Certainly many spicy and foods contain significant amounts of garlic can not only contribute to a person suffering from acid reflux but also to them having bad breath as well.

So a good way of ensuring that you do not suffer from acid reflux bad breath is by monitoring your diet, and cut back on those foods which you find are exacerbating your acid reflux and remove them from the equation.

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