Arm Exercises for Women

Don’t Let Your Arms Give Your Age Away

After the age of 40 we begin to notice loss of muscle tone, so its time for arm exercises for women who want their arms to stay looking young and toned.arm exercises

By performing some effective exercises it is possible to either prevent this happening or reverse the sagging muscles! The muscles that gives us the dreaded ‘bingo wings’ when they lose tone are the triceps. However, we need to work on the biceps too and work all the muscles in our arms and upper body to see the best effect soonest.

As with all exercises if they aren’t performed correctly then you won’t see results, so the video below has been chosen because it demonstrates the movements well and can be done at home without any equipment. It is also an abdominal workout. If you can’t do the full number of repetitions in the video just do what you can – Quality Not Quantity is the key to effective exercising, in time you can build the number of repetitions. 

Maybe you were expecting a video of exercises with dumbells and weights – sorry! The routine above is a great example of how the arms can be effectively exercised while working other areas of the body too.



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