Are there any home remedies that will help the passage of a kidney

All of us develop crystals which hopefully get washed out from time to time with the fluids we drink. These crystal deposits vary in material…often calcium and other materials. Since the kidneys flush out poisons, the toxins (like metals) can get hung up on these crystals. Accumulation of toxins and blockage compound the problem as these crystals increase in size (stones). This is a great reason to drink plenty of fluids…to help keep the system washed out and clean.

One idea: Try about three or four ounces of olive oil…at night because of loose bowels. That may work along with eating a lime or lemon. The lemon or lime help. It won't hurt to try. However, I suggest that you try the garlic and other herbs first if you can. Depending upon the condition's severity, you may want to start on a small gradient and work up to higher quantities of herbal cleansing.

There is a lot that can be done. A primary thing is a proper balanced diet and exercise. You know…the food groups…. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats (or better yet fish or seafood), whole grain breads, drink lots of fluids, exercise, etc. The good balance type routine. As an example, the exercise will help the body with any type of waste elimination activity. You must cut out sugars or refined starchy foods (like macaroni or white bread), because these really make it worse. Be cautious about exposing your body to chemicals or preservatives or food additives. An example: many chemicals can be dramatically absorbed by the skin, and cleaners or some body-care products are not healthy for the body to absorb. Limit your intake of calcium rich foods like cheese or milk. I recommend consulting a good health food store. People can “overdo” calcium. Calcium works with magnesium. Often the magnesium is deficient. Kidney stones often are mostly composed of calcium.

Actually, some people have had success in eliminating stones by drinking lots of water and then just running up and down the stairs. It gets the “engine” going. Fluids, heat, circulation… …the system is pumping.

Magnesium. Contrary to what is popular in the media, most people get enough calcium. They lack magnesium. The two balance. You can over-do calcium, but not magnesium. In order for the body to properly absorb magnesium, it needs an acidic context. Natural Vitality (California) is a company that carries a magnesium product called “Calm”. Within a few minutes you will find it effective. Not only will it help one sleep, but it is great if you have muscle related problems, back pain, or any of a whole list of ailments. This could help.

I would try this: Before going to bed, drink about 4 ounces of olive oil. Eat a lemon or lime (the rind has nutrition also). The next morning you will have lose bowels. Your skin will feel somewhat softer. This natural body lubricant could help pass the stones. It definitely works on gall stones.

Some people recommend eating parsley. Celery is good. Eat more seafood and more raw vegetables and less meat. There are a lot of benefits to parsley and it is high in Vitamin C. Also taking a cranberry supplement is supposed to be good (it helps to acidify and lubricate the urinary tract). Garlic is very good to take for this and for general health. There are other herbs which are benefitial. Lots of Vitamin C (not the “ester”) and Vitamin B6 (and, also, generally your B-complex) can be helpful. Arginine might help (seeds and legumes as part of diet). Eating ginger root can be very benefitial. Aloe vera juice could also help to reduce the size of stone formation.

Some other herbs: dandelion root, hydrangea, uva ursi, marshmellow root, juniper berries, red clover, goldenrod tea (if not suffering from allergies), gravel root.

Something which should be noted and looked at in perspective is overall well-being both mentally and physically. A healthy and positive mental framework with no antagonisms or distress is important regarding depository and/or endocrine ailments. Sometimes a healthier mental perspective (and a calm or non-antagonistic environment -[including friends who don't “nullify” you]) is all it takes for remedying some body problems. Also, the health of the body is greatly hampered by toxins entering the body from a variety of cosmetics, fragrances, propyl alcohol, metals, pesticides and herbicides, solvents, preservatives, radiation, etc., etc. These toxins can inhibit the natural ability of the body to cope with ordinary functions and open it up to be effected by parasites and microbes. A safe and sane environment both mentally and physically can go a long ways towards handling body problems; and should be mentioned.