Are Bananas The New Apple?

by Andrea Stacey
(Stockholm, Sweden)

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed foods in the world. They grow mostly in the tropical region wherein India is the leading producer of bananas and the United States and the European Union are among the dominant buyers of the fruit.

This fruit is mostly consumed as dessert and is available on almost every market around the world. Thus, many researchers have been interested in studying this effects and benefits of the fruit.

Amazingly, it has been found that there are a lot of benefits a single banana can provide us. Bananas contain natural sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose, and fiber which give a sustained boost in energy.

Due to that, bananas are becoming very popular among athletes because, according to many researchers, two bananas can provide enough energy to sustain a 90-minute strenuous work-out.

Aside from that, it can help in preventing a number of illnesses. Thus, many dieticians and nutritionists suggest that it is a good idea to add a banana to our daily diet.

Aside from the boost of energy there are other benefits that we can get from bananas. Do you know that a banana is a good cure for depression? Yes, eating a banana can make you happy, relax you and improve your mood, This is due to the tryptophan that is present in bananas.

Speaking of having a good mood, bananas are also good remedies for PMS due to the presence of Vitamin B6, which also helps in calming the nervous system and controlling the blood sugar level.

Together with the presence of Vitamin B12, magnesium and potassium, bananas can help the body in recovering from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Constipated? Eat a banana! Bananas are known to be a good source of fiber. These fibers help in restoring a normal bowel movement. In addition, bananas are also a natural antacid which is a good remedy for those who have an upset stomach and heartburn.

Due to the natural smoothness of bananas, it has become a nutritional food used against intestinal disorders such as ulcers. Bananas counteract over-acidity and lessen the irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Feeling stressed? Eat a banana! This is because when we are stressed; our metabolic rate raises and that can result in a reduced level of potassium in the body. Since banana is very rich in potassium, eating a banana will help in restoring the potassium level of your body.

In addition, potassium also helps in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke, as well as it assists in making our brain to be more alert, thus adding more brain power for the aged and for students.

The popularity of bananas has grown in recent years, partly because science has discovered more about the many benefits it offers. When compared to an apple, a banana has five times the vitamin A and iron, four times the protein, three times the phosphorus, twice the carbohydrate, and twice the other vitamins and minerals.

To top that, it is very rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods available. Thus, many are suggesting that it has already displaced the apple from its throne and the phrase relating to apple must be changed to “A banana a day, keeps the doctor away!”