Anxiety & Depression – One Is Bad Enough….Both Together Is Awful!

by Sue Bond
(Naples, Florida, USA)

In this day and age we all live very busy and stressful lifestyles. As a result of constant activities our brains are often worked until they are exhausted and never get their much needed relaxation time.

When living a busy lifestyle, many people will ignore the need to relax and take time off from both their work and their worries. This can often lead to anxiety, depression and even a nervous breakdown.

Some people tend to be more nervous than others in general and often those people don’t handle stressful situations very well. These are the people that are more prone to developing anxiety and/or depression. For these people it is helpful if they can teach themselves some techniques for dealing with stress more effectively. It is not always possible to avoid stress so you need to learn to cope with it better and methods of relaxing to relieve your body from the stress that it has built up.

If you can learn to deal with stress effectively and reduce the amount of stress in your life, then you can save yourself from entering a downward spiral of anxiety and depression.

There are many different types of depression that people suffer from and depression mixed with anxiety is one of the most common. It is very common for a person that suffers depression to also have some anxiety issues. When suffering from an anxiety disorder a person will tend to be overly anxious about things, even things that really don’t require any anxiety at all.

Although anxiety is a normal behaviour when faced with a worrying situation, for an anxiety disorder sufferer, their anxiety levels are much higher than normal and occur a lot more often than normal.

When you start feeling anxious all day and sometimes without even knowing what you are anxious about, then you know that you really do have a problem.

Sometimes a person with an anxiety disorder may become quite depressed about their condition, or just the endless feeling of anxiety can lead to depression.

Or sometimes it can occur the other way, when a person suffers from depression and their depression can then lead to anxiety.

Regardless of whether a person suffered from anxiety or depression first, if they are suffering from both conditions then the symptoms become much worse than suffering from just one condition.

There are treatments available for both depression and anxiety and it is recommended that you begin treatment as early as possible so that you can get on top of these disorders and take back control of your life.

Depression and anxiety are very difficult to live with and can really ruin a person’s life if left untreated. You shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of these conditions as they are an illness and are actually very common. You will need to try and reduce the stress in your life and learn to handle stress more effectively, but you might also need some medication or therapy to overcome these disorders completely.

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