The Healing ‘Magic’ of Antioxidant Rich Foods

Antioxidant rich foods help your body fight disease and the effects of aging. How long you live and the quality of your life depends on them.

Extend your life span by many years in the best way possible…

Fit, Active and Happy!

And unless you quit smoking, reduce your stress and anxiety, stop walking or running alongside heavy traffic, and binging on junk food, you won’t see the progress you hoped for.

Each food has its own “story” to tell of how it impacts our health. This page is about the ‘magical’ antioxidant rich foods have and the healing powers available to you and your family.

Fruits are very special. Learn more at thebenefits of fruit page.

Here’s something to remember when planning meals–

“Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline body”

juicing is also a great way to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Berries – not only taste great, they are excellent antioxidant rich foods known to help prevent and heal even life threatening diseases.

Individuals are finding a positive response to various cancers, heart disease, urinary problems, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s and dementia, to name a few, by incorporating antioxidant rich foods into their diet.

Other common health problems responding well to these foods include macular degeneration, degraded visual acuity, diarrhea and constipation, varicose veins, poor circulation and viral infections.

Weight control and faster healing of wounds has also been experienced.

Check each berry for specific information.

Acai Berry Aronia Berry
Blueberry Bilberry
Cranberry Goji Berry
Strawberry Mangosteen


Berries and herbs are increasingly touted by scientists and health experts as excellent tools to help prevent disease naturally and counteract the negative effects of aging.

Even the experts recommend a combination of natural superfoods as the best and most effective strategy to better health. This concept flies in the face of the obsolete notion that a single “magic fruit” can be everything to everyone.

Nature provides numerous superfoods from all over the earth. Due to respective climates and geology, these foods contain unique levels, various types of antioxidants and other health-improving compounds.

A full ensemble of expert musicians is far superior in sound to a flute solist. The same thought applies to a well balanced concoction of powerful berries, fruits and herbs. This balance is what the body needs to help counteract a wide variety of health problems experienced by people in modern society.

Like berries, antioxidant rich fruits offer life-saving nutrients and enzymes.

Check out each fruit for their specific attributes.

Acerola Cherries Apples
Tart Cherry Sea Buckthorn
Grape Seed Grape Skin
Noni Pomegranate
Prunes Reishi Mushroom


Like their antioxidant-rich “buddies” some vegetables provide a more powerful punch of enzymes and nutrients than others.

Check out each vegetable for their specific healing attributes.

Aloe Vera Artichokes
Brussel Sprouts Sea Buckthorn

 Teas, Coffee & Chocolate

Nothing beats the comfort of a great cup of coffee and a biscotti covered in dark chocolate. Or even a nice cup of tea on a cold winter day.

The health benefits of green tea, white tea, coffee and dark chocolate have been scientifically measured and documented for years.

Each one has unique attributes. Click on the links below to see them in detail.


The Chinese have revered ginseng for centuries. The unique benefit of ginseng, is that it is an adaptogen.

This means that it works with the body to correct imbalances. For instance, if blood pressure is too high, it helps bring it down; if it’s too low, it brings it up.