Best Antioxidant Foods

Spices and Chocolate Rank in the Top 20!

These 20 antioxidant foods rank highest in an USDA Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) study of over 275 plant foods to determine the antioxidant benefits in a 100 grams of an edible portion .

Does that make them the best foods for you?

  1. Cloves, ground
  2. Cinnamon, ground
  3. Oregano, dried
  4. Turmeric, ground
  5. Cocoa, dry powder unsweetended
  6. Cumin Seed
  7. Parsley, dried
  8. Basil, dried
  9. Baking chocolate, unsweetended
  10. Curry Powder
  11. Chocolate, dutched powder
  12. Sage, fresh
  13. Mustard Seed, yellow
  14. Ginger, ground
  15. Pepper, black
  16. Thyme, fresh
  17. Marjoram, fresh
  18. Chili Powder
  19. Candies, chocolate, dark
  20. Candies, semisweet chocolate

(Now discover which of these foods also rank high in dietary fiber.)

But wait…
How much is 100 grams of ground cinnamon?

More than a dozen Tablespoons

More than 3 dozen teaspoons

Ouch! Too much cinnamon for my  healthy diet!

Let’s look at the antioxidants in a real serving.