All-Natural Home Remedies to Treat and Prevent Backaches

Backaches and back injuries can be a real pain in the, well, back. Especially for those with chronic back pain or someone who injuries their back. Yes, pain pills are one way to go to ease the pain from a backache or back injury but they can also be expensive for those who cannot afford prescriptions and they can be addictive. There are natural home remedies one can use to ease their backache and not have to worry about being dependent on pain killers. Read on to find out natural ways to relieve pain from a backache.

The Chamomile Tea Remedy

Chamomile tea is used to treat a lot of different ailments so it really is no surprise that it would work for a backache as well. Chamomile tea can help relieve stress, therefore help relieve back pain. Chamomile tea offers a calming relief to sore muscles. It is used best when taking a break from work or after work to relieve stress and sore muscles. Just steep one tablespoon of Chamomile flowers in one cup of hot water for 15 minutes. You can also buy the pre-packaged chamomile tea. Either way, drink one to three cups a day and it should relieve sore muscles in your back. Be careful though, chamomile contains allergy induced pollens from ragweed. If you are allergic to ragweed, ask your doctor before drinking chamomile tea.

The Epsom Salts Remedy

Epsom salts are another product often used as a home remedy for many things. Epsom salts ease back pain by reducing swelling. When taking a soak in the tub, add at least two cups of Epsom salts and soak in the tub for 30 minutes. Your back will fill a lot better when you do.

The Warm, Uncooked Rice Remedy

Here is a weird remedy for you. I wonder hw many people have ever heard of using warm, uncooked rice as a home remedy for a backache? Take a clean, thick sock and fill it with uncooked rice. Place the rice filled sock in the microwave for up to a minute and apply it to your back. Be careful not to make it too hot.

The Ginger Root Remedy

Ginger root has anti-inflammatory compounds which have mild-like aspirin effects. When you have a backache and you have access to Ginger root, cut a fresh ginger root into slices and put in boiling water. Cook the slices of ginger root on low heat for 30 minutes, strain, sweeten with honey or sugar to taste and drink. This should ease your backache in no time.

Other Remedies for a Backache

White willow bark contains natural aspirin like chemicals that will relieve the pain from a backache without the harmful side effects of regular aspirin.

Meadowsweet is another herbal remedy that contains natural aspirin chemicals, again without the harmful side effects of aspirin.

Cramp bark is another herbal remedy that will relieve muscle spasms and tension.

Marjoram and lavender are essential oils that work like chamomile and can relieve muscle tension and spasms in your back.

Try these home remedies and you might be surprised as to how well they work in relieving a backache.

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