Acai Berry And Weight Loss: The Truth Behind The Hype

by Helene Malmsio

The acai berry has certainly been making waves in the media lately – especially the supposed acai berry/ weight loss link. This small purple fruit comes from the acai palm tree, native to Central and South America but now exported all over the world thanks to its numerous claimed health benefits.

The Many Health Benefits Of Acai

The main research on the health benefits of acai has focused on its antioxidants. It is believed that these help to prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease due to components of acai known as “anthocyanins” and “flavonoids”. These also help to neutralize the aging effects of free radicals on the body.

The studies are not yet conclusive enough to know for sure whether it’s worth choosing acai berry over other berries. So far, the benefits of acai are comparable to other berries such as blueberries, cranberries and raspberries. These are all regarded as “superfoods” due to their high concentration of antioxidants.

Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, very few studies have been done into the effects of acai. You may have heard otherwise on the internet or from supplement manufacturers, but there is no compelling evidence to back this up.

Important Warnings When Buying Acai Supplements

Acai weight loss supplements have become a huge trend on the internet in recent years. Unfortunately, despite the fact that acai is healthy in itself, many of these supplements don’t list their ingredients, have not been approved for sale as a weight loss pill, or force buyers into continuity programs that are very difficult to cancel. This is why it’s so important to do your research before you buy.

You’ll see a lot of claims made by manufacturers of acai berry supplements. They may state that the fiber found in the acai fruit helps you lose weight faster, or that it’s ingredients help your body to burn more fat. Unfortunately, these products are not strictly regulated which is why they get away with making claims that they cannot substantiate.

You need to weigh up the evidence carefully before buying any weight loss supplements, even legitimate ones. They are no substitute for a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise routine, nor can they ever be considered a one-step magic cure for keeping the pounds off. The acai berry/ weight loss link is still very much unproven. Acai may help improve your overall health, but don’t rely on it as your single weight lossstrategy.

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