A Solution For Home Allergy Sufferers

by Bill Rowe

Recently my allergies have gotten the best of me. No matter what I tried to do I was unable to quit sneezing, my eyes were constantly watering, and I was really stuffed up. I knew for sure all of this was due to my seasonal allergies.

When I feel this way I generally head straight to the drugstore and grab some OTC allergy medication. It usually does the trick quite quickly. However, this time around they seemed to have little effect on me while I was at home.

The weird thing is that the medication worked perfectly when I was out and about throughout the day. I even spent the day at the beach in the heat and wasn’t bothered a bit by my allergies once I had taken some medication. Even at work, my allergies were easily tamed with the assistance of this medication. But as soon as I got home and settled in for the night, my allergies would immediately consume me like a terrible storm.

While talking to one of my friends they asked me if I was using new laundry detergent or if I had recently gotten a new pet. As far as I knew nothing had changed in my at-home environment that could be the direct cause of my allergies.

After speaking to my doctor he told me that I might want to consider getting an air purifier for my home. He said that there could be various danders and allergens in the air of my home that I may not be aware of that were causing my allergies to go nuts while at home.

I instantly got online and begin reading information on the various air purifiers that were available to me. During my search I discovered that this Sanyo air washer seemed to have done wonders for many people that were suffering from the same problem I was.

After making a purchase and putting the air washer in my home I instantly begin to feel relief from my allergies within a few short days.

I would recommend this purifier to anyone that is suffering from allergies at home.