A Sample Diet For Lowering Cholesterol

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

When it comes to a diet for lowering cholesterol, most people are confused as to exactly what they should be eating and just as importantly, what they should not be eating.

Here I will outline a brief idea on what sorts of foods you can eat that will assist in lowering your cholesterol.

I am not providing a complete sample diet for lowering cholesterol, but this is something you can work off and work to include in your diet on a day to day basis.

If you follow these guidelines and include most, if not all of these foods, then your cholesterol should start to lower. You can check your cholesterol every few months to see if your new diet is having a positive effect.

If it is not and you have ruled out other causes of your high cholesterol, then you will most likely need to refine your diet even further by completely eliminating any foods that increase your cholesterol.

As a guide, attempt to consume no more than 300mg of cholesterol per day. Naturally this amount varies depending on your size, age and cholesterol level, but 300mg should be your maximum regardless of these factors. Even less is much better.

A sample diet for lowering cholesterol might be some corn flakes and berries (any sort) for breakfast along with whole grain toast with cholesterol lowering margarine.

For a snack, consider a whole meal bagel or cracker with cholesterol lowering margarine.

Lunch should include tuna with whole wheat bread. Again, use the same margarine as mentioned above if you can’t go without. Include on your sandwich lettuce and tomato to add some substance.

Other daily snacks can of course include fruits and raw vegetables such as carrots.

For dinner, stick to lean meats (and fish). Lean ground beef is delicious. Add baked sweet potato, broccoli, carrots and a garden salad and you have a hearty low cholesterol meal.

This all sounds delicious doesn’t it! And not only is this sample diet for lowering cholesterol absolutely mouth watering, it is also exceptionally good for you!

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