Eat healthy in order to keep your eyes healthy

The eyes are the windows through which we see the world. All the information from the whole world comes through the eyes. These are our messagers. We need to protect them more than anything else. For a good vision we need antioxidants, pigment protectors and cofactors. Scientists debate that the vitamin C and the beta-carotene, which are found in carrots, can reduce vision problems.

The blue light that is part of sunlight can damage our retinas. We can earn vitamins, like A, C, E and beta-carotene protects our eyes from this light. There are many fruits and vegetables which contain these vitamins. Don’t forget to mention that some yellow vegetables can help in daytime vision.

As I have written above the antioxidants are responsible also for eye health. In green tea there are 10 times for antioxidants than in any other fruit and vegetable. In the garlic and onions there are some antioxidants which are important for the lens of the eyes.

I don’t say that you can put down the contact lenses if you eat enough garlic and onion, but there are really healthy. Everybody knows that the fishes are the best meals with their Omega 3 are recommended for dry eyes. In order to protect you from blue light and sun damage eat spinach and green leafy, especially for their lutein and zeaxathin.

Among the vitamins there are vitamin B Complex which is responsible for the optic nerves and retina receptor cells. Vitamin B 12 is necessary mostly for the elders who suffer from optic nerve diseases.

The 21st century’s men live a very high-tech life. Thanks to it many vitamins and minerals are lack from our diets. In order to provide for our body all the necessary element, our dietary must contain all the factors. But not just with vitamins and minerals help our eye health but with cream and also eye glasses. The UV rays damage our eyes, and the sun glasses are to block most percent of the damaging UV rays. If we don’t like the sun glasses or even any type of eye glasses, there are in the market many types of contact lenses. Colored contact lenses can add another color to our eyes, daily contact lenses are very practical and monthly or 2 week contact lenses have another advantage.

The principle is to take care of your vision! Don’t be afraid of the prices, these are cheap lenses!