Candida Home Remedies For Vaginitis

Women face a typical problem from the yeast, Candida albicans, which is otherwise a harmless fungus that lives in all of us. Just like there are bacteria in our mouths, Candida albicans is a part and parcel of the intestinal flora. The problem arises when the friendly bacteria that eat up the yeast are less than required for effectively combating the yeast. Reduced numbers of the friendly bacteria is one of the main causes behind a typical problem called vaginitis, inflammation of the vagina that is usually associated with candidiasis. The itch that it causes is a source of major embarrassment to women who suffer from genital candidiasis.

The healthy balance between friendly bacteria and Candida albicans is usually disturbed by the reckless use of antibiotics, birth control pills, spermicidal agents, hormones for menopause, chemical douche and nicks in the vaginal wall due to use of tampons. Pregnancy and diabetes too are commonly responsible for vaginitis.

Once the gynecologist or an obstetrician diagnoses the condition, it is normal that she will initially advise topical creams as part of Candida treatments . However, home remedies are an essential part of any Candida cure and as effective in conjunction with other treatments or as a standalone yeast infection treatment .

„o Keep the area ventilated. A moist vaginal area is an invitation to yeast as it thrives in damp environments. Make sure that you take off your panties before sleeping to allow for air circulation.

„o Wear fabrics that breathe. Plastic, leather and polyester fabrics do not allow for the free circulation of air. Whenever possible, prefer skirts over tight pants. If you are wearing jeans, do not wear panties under the panty hose. Remove extra layers of clothing once you reach home.

„o Avoid after bath powders. Never dust powders in your panties. Most of the powders are starch- based and therefore a perfect medium for growing yeast cultures.

„o Keep chemicals out. Unnecessary addition of chemicals to an already delicate situation leads to an aggravation of the problem. Avoid chemical douches, contraceptive jellies and sprays. If you must douche, use plain cool water as the vagina has natural self-cleaning properties.

„o Vinegar mixed with water is another natural substitute for a douche liquid. Vinegar has practically the same acidity as the vagina.

„o Keep spermicides out of the vagina and place them in the reservoir tip of the condom, which is exactly where they should be.

„o Stick to cotton panties. Cotton not only allows for air circulation but also absorbs moisture and keeps your skin dry. Prefer panty hoses that have a cotton crotch. If you do not have one, use a panty liner or a mini pad instead.

„o Keep yourself clean. It is always better that both partners urinate before and after an intercourse. This helps in preventing infection from each other.

„o Observe a period of no sex if you have vaginitis. Sex can cause more irritation in an already itching vagina. It can also lead to the risk of re-infection from your partner.

Vaginitis is a problem faced exclusively by women but Candida can also cause rectal irritation in men. It can also affect the nervous system and cause other physiological symptoms as well. Long term prevention is better than looking for a Candida cure after it has surfaced. Avoiding too much sugar and simple carbohydrates and proper hygiene are some of the long term solutions that can keep Candida at bay.


By Tess Thompson

Before we talk about Candida cures , it is better to first understand the underlying cause of the condition. Candida is yeast like imperfect fungi. Its overgrowth in the body causes an infection which is commonly known by the same name – Candida. Candida is present in our bodies in small amounts naturally. Limited levels of Candida are actually harmless.

However, if the prevalence of Candida increases in the body, the condition can turns poisonous and cause diseases as well. When friendly intestinal bacteria are less, Candida grows without restriction and colonizes the gut. It also converts from the harmless yeast into its deadlier fungal form. Once Candida has taken this virulent form it makes the intestinal walls permeable. Slender filaments (rhizoids) cut into the intestinal walls and undigested food and toxins leak into the blood stream.

Proper testing is vital to accurately diagnose a problem as Candida. This is because Candida is capable of producing more than 100 varied and unrelated symptoms that can sometimes confuse even expert medical practitioners. Over the counter medications are the most widely used Candida treatments

These come in the form of topical ointments or creams or oral pills. Suppositories that can be inserted directed into the vagina are used as genitalyeast infection treatment in instances where topical application fails to provide a cure.

As with any self treatment, Candida self treatment is also associated with risks. The condition may not actually be a Candida infection and reckless use of such drugs can lead to a resistance towards the drug. Candida frequently re-occurs and the same medication that worked the first few times may suddenly cease to be effective. The key to a long term and effective cure is detoxification.

As toxins and undigested food accumulates in the blood stream, they can wreck havoc within the body. Some of the symptoms like itching and skin infection may be visible. But there are many others that are vague and may not manifest distinctly. Water is a very effective detoxification tool. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water is present in every cell and tissue and almost half the body is made of water. Water helps in many biological processes like circulation, digestion, absorption and excretion of toxins.

Homeopathy provides natural remedies based on specific symptoms. Start with lower potencies of about 12X and slowly work up to higher potencies. If the remedies match particular symptoms of the patient, homeopathic remedies can prove to be miraculous. There are numerous herbs that can provide an effective Candida cure. Tea tree Oil, Grapefruit seed extract, Oil of Oregon, and live culture yoghurt are among the most popular herbal cures.

Live culture yoghurt is easily available in the market. However care should be taken to use yogurt that has no sugar. Excess intake of sugar is actually one of the causes behind Candida. Lactobacillus acidophilus, is a beneficial bacterium found in the intestinal tract of healthy mammals that effectively fights Candida albicans the fungal form of Candida;

The most effective Candida cure is regulated diet and prevention. Check your intake of sugar and limit it to the levels that are essential for energy only. Another ingredient that needs to be checked and limited is carbohydrates. High carbohydrate foods serve as a fuel for Candida and the more you consume, the more it will grow.