Alternative Health Therapy Articles In Audio

Alternative Health Therapy Articles In Audio
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Alternative Health Therapy

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“Alternative Therapy: How to Choose” &
“A Japanese Kind of Cure – Reiki”

– If traditional medical treatments are not helping your recover from or prevent illness or pain, you may wish to consider an alternative from of treatment to take the place of traditional options or to use in conjunction.

These alternative therapies are now being widely studied, as many people are having miraculous results with them. However, within the alternative medical world, there are a number of choices for treatment.

“Massage for Health &
A Massage that Cures – Acupressure”

– Many people get massages because they feel nice, but did you know that a massage session could also benefit your health?

Massage techniques, when done properly, can not only decrease stress and relax your muscles, but they can also improve your immune system, relieve pain, cure headaches, help injuries heal faster, and retain your muscle and joint mobility.

– Acupressure is especially good for people who fear or are otherwise skeptical of sticking needles into their bodies. Related to massage, you should explore acupressure as a treatment option.

“Bending the Body – Chiropractic as Alternative Medicine” &
“Controlling the Uncontrollable: Biofeedback”

– Chiropractic is an alternative health option that has become mainstream and widely used.

Chiropractic procedures can be used on just about anyone and will help in a variety of ways with multiple kinds of pain, so if you want to try an alternative to traditional medical treatments that has been proven to work, ask your doctor about more information regarding chiropractic.

– A new field within the alternative health field is that of biofeedback, which was first studied in the 1960s and was brought to the attention of the public by Drs. Barbara Brown and Elmer Green, and Joe Kamiya.

Biofeedback is a process in which people control seemingly uncontrollable body functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing by using feedback from electronic devices. Today, biofeedback is still being studied and used for a variety of health reasons.

“Herbs for Health” &
“Smelling Healthy – Aromatherapy”

– Many people use herbs in their cooking for added flavor, but did you know that herbs can also be used in a medicinal way?

Herbs have long been used as an alternative from of treatment. Patients taking various medications can benefit by using herbs that can achieve the same effects.

– Aromatherapy is the use of plant oils as an alternative from of medical treatment. Although its exact uses are still being explored, you should pursue this treatment if you want new and safe options for you medical condition treatment.

Aromatherapy can be used to treat a variety of physical and mental illnesses, so it is becoming more popular for people who are not having success with traditional medical options.


“On Pins and Needles – Acupuncture for Your Health” &
“Magnets – Not Just for Your Refrigerator”

– Acupuncture works by stimulating certain points on the body to heal you.

A certified professional will first do an analysis by asking you questions about your health history and your current condition. He or she will also look at your skin color, tongue appearance, and dental health, as well as other things about your body.

– Magnets used for health can either be placed directly over the point of the pain or over the acupuncture point associated with the pain. A professional can help you determine placement. Arthritis is the most common affliction healed with magnetics, but they can also be used for back pain, headache, tennis elbow, and foot pain, as well as a number of other aches and pains.

“Stand Straight! The Alexander Technique” &
“Mind and Body Movement – The Trager Approach”

– An alternative medical treatment, the true effect of the Alexander Technique is still being studied and will be sure to attract skeptics for decades to come, as do other forms of alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, meditations, light therapy, and prayer.

Studies have shown, however, that the Alexander Technique can work, so it is an option you should be sure to research and consider if you are looking for new treatment methods.

– The Trager Approach is a gentle and long-lasting type of therapy. Practitioners stress that the results are cumulative—meaning that the more times you see a professional, the better you will feel. The technique involves both mind and body, providing patients with a relaxing kind of treatment.

“Rolfing – A Modern Type of Stress Relief” &
“Touches that Heal – Therapeutic Touch”

– Rolfing is a physical technique that involves the manipulation of a body’s soft tissues. Rolfing organizes the relationships of soft tissues to each other in order to bring about a harmonious body structure and freer movement patterns.

It is currently being used in many circles of alternative medicine and is thought to be an excellent process for helping a person relieve stress and move more freely.

– Therapeutic touch is a form of “laying on of hands” that involves the exchange of energy from one person to another. This will allow one person to give his or her own energy to a person who is sick or in pain, therefore helping to cure that person.


“Yoga and Health – An Alternative Form of Exercise” &
“What’s the Buzz – Apitherapy”

– Yoga has long been used as an alternative form of healthy exercise.

Today, a variety of yoga schools have become popular, so if you want to try this technique of healing and preventative health, research them all before signing up for a class.

– Apitherapy is the use of bee products to cure your pains, prevent serious medical conditions, or make life more comfortable for those suffering from chronic illnesses.

Most people do not know about this technique, but you should explore it with your regular doctor to see if it may help you.

“Hypnosis as Alternative Treatment” &
“Sweet Sounds – Music Therapy”

– Medical hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, can be used to treat a variety of conditions.

Hollywood has caused a number of stereotypical misunderstandings to shadow the world of hypnosis, but the fact is that most hypnotists do not cause their patients to perform funny or embarrassing acts.

– Using music as a cure for a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing has been practiced for centuries, although it was never referred to as a professional science. Even though everyone does not consider it so, music therapy still makes up a significant part of alternative medicine.

“Crystals and Gemstones – Not Just for Decoration” &
“Feeling the Rainbow – What is Color Therapy” &
“Amen – Prayer for Health”

– This technique uses crystals and gemstones on the body in the belief that they encourage the healing process.

There are a number of ways in which you can do this, and professionals have specific techniques that they use in conjunction with spiritual and physical healing.

– Color therapy, or chromotherapy as it is called in scientific circles, is the use of colors to affect and change moods and both physical and mental conditions.

– Studies today are focusing on the validity of prayer for health.

The alternative to traditional treatments can be used to help a person both physically and spiritually, but studies are now looking at whether prayer can be used in place of other medical procedures or if it is simply something to use in conjunction with traditional treatment options.

“Healthy Eating – More Complicated than You Thought” &
“What is Light Therapy?”

– Traditionally, the detox diet is used for those who are struggling to quit drug or alcohol abuse. There are now many other known ways in which this can help a person’s health as well.

Detox diets include more than simply removing addictive substances from your menu—and the diet itself is quiet complicated if you do not first research and understand the food that you should be avoiding in your daily diet.

– Light therapy is known to be a cure for several disorders, but the most common is known as winter depression.

Just like the name states, this is a mental and physical condition of depression that occurs during wintertime. It is theorized that this depression comes about because of the lack of sunlight in many places during the winter months.

“What is Homeopathy” &
“What is Polarity Therapy”

– Classical homeopathy can help with a number of illnesses and pains including, but not limited to AIDS, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, PMS, dyslexia, insomnia, infertility, depression, digestive disorders, autism, and asthma.

– Polarity therapy is a technique that is based off the human energy field, which is comprised of the electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional, and physical responses. When someone is sick, it is said that their human energy field is in bad condition, and thus needs to be repaired through polarity therapy.

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