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Healthy Eating – More Complicated than You Thought

Many people pursue alternative health treatments when traditional medical procedures are not being as effective as they are needed to be.

Some, such as rolfing, acupuncture, and chiropractic procedures should only be done with a professional in the field.

However, other kinds of alternative health medical practices can be discussed with your doctor and then practiced in your own home.

One such alternative health type of therapy that you can do without the help of a medical professional for daily or weekly treatments is the detox diet.

Traditionally, the detox diet is used for those who are struggling to quit drug or alcohol abuse.

There are now many other known ways in which this can help a person’s health as well.

Detox diets include more than simply removing addictive substances from your menu—and the diet itself is quiet complicated if you do not first research and understand the food that you should be avoiding in your daily diet.

Your doctor can help you plan your detox diet so that you are eating the most beneficial foods possible. Be sure to discuss this alternative health treatment with him or her before you begin, so that you can be sure it is a healthy diet foryour specific medical condition.

Detox stands for detoxification, and generally these diets are ones that remove harmful environmental toxins from your body by eliminating the source—poor food choices. First, you should minimize and eventually stop eating foods that contain harmful additive chemicals.

Organic food is substituted instead. Next, add foods to your diet that promote healthy detoxification by providing the nutrients your body needs. Lastly, foods that are high in fiber and water are very important so that toxins can be drawn out of your body quickly and regularly.

Detox diets can be used to help with skin problems, digestive diseases, addiction, and other health concerns. It is important to be sure that you are eating in a way that is healthy for your body, so if you have other conditions, such as an eating disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, heart disease, ulcers, or low blood pressure, check with your doctor before beginning this new type of diet. It is also not suggested for those who are pregnant or nursing.

If you have an adverse side effect, such as diarrhea, stomach pains, or drasticweight loss, talk to you doctor. When beginning a detox diet, you may experience headaches or be tired. This is normal, but if it does not improve, see your doctor.

What is Light Therapy?

Back in the days before modern medicine, it took a lot longer to heal from wounds and sickness. Now that may be an obvious point, but it should make one wonder just how those ailments were cured at all. The answer may be simpler than anyone would think.

That answer would be light. Sunlight especially was and still is a great cure for sickness and wounds, although it is rarely used in treatment today. Still, those who practice alternative health medicine are looking to light therapy as a new, natural cure for many different types of sicknesses, both physical and mental.

Today’s average person is a whole lot busier than people back in the day when sunlight was a major part of medicine. It wouldn’t make sense for someone to spend hours in the sun just to heal something that can be cured in no time just by popping a pill.

However, it is possible to be cured by light, especially sunlight. Spending an hour or so in the sun can cure a headache for example, and longer exposure could help protect a wound from becoming infected.

Using this knowledge, current alternative health medicine practitioners are harnessing the healing power of light in order to help people with physical and mental sickness. There are a couple different techniques that are used, depending on the condition and the severity of it.

Some therapists, for example, simply put a set of fluorescent bubs next to the patient and have them sit by it for up to a few hours. While doing this, the patient is told to do something like read, so they don’t focus all their attention on the lights.

Another alternative health technique used to cure aches and pains in specific areas of the body is to take an intense light with a smaller beam and shine it on the part of the body that is hurt.

Light therapy is known to be a cure for several disorders, but the most common is known as winter depression. Just like the name states, this is a mental and physical condition of depression that occurs during wintertime. It is theorized that this depression comes about because of the lack of sunlight in many places during the winter months.

Exposure to light will make up for this lack and therefore get rid of winter depression. This is just one example of how light therapy is reworking the ideas of medicine today and proof of the powers of alternative health!