Aloe as an Herbal Treatment – Herbal Home Remedy

Aloe as an herbal treatment….aloe is a great form of an herb. There are many people that depend on the use of aloe to help them with many things. Aloe is a gel that has a sticky residue and comes from a plant in Africa. The gel is part of the aloe plant and is usually used in many forms of treatment.

People use aloe for many day-to-day treatments. There are some that believe that aloe helps in the healing process. They believe this so much that they have aloe plants in their home for this use alone. It can help in the healing of burns, wounds, sunburn, herpes, and psoriasis. Aloe will usually help any time of skin irritation without the nasty side effects.

Aloe as an herbal treatment….there are many oral uses for aloe too. You can use it for help with ulcers, diabetes, Croons disease, and constipation. You will find that if you take a little bit of the aloe, you will see the results start to appear in a quick amount of time. You will see that you can benefit from aloe and having aloe plants in your home.

There are many researchers taking on the challenge of finding out what aloe can do for you. You may want to take some time and look up the effects and the studies that many have dedicated to aloe. You will find a lot of useful information that may help you with your choice to use aloe. There are different forms of aloe and you want to make sure that you are using the right one for your problem.

Aloe has been known to make your skin healthier as well. There are many lotions and creams that have aloe already in them. You can pick these items up at your local store and use them as directed. They are a great way to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Many times, aloe is a great relief for dry and chapped skin that many people suffer from in the winter months.

Aloe as an herbal treatment….there are some people that are allergic to aloe. If you see any type of rash or problem start, you should discontinue your use and see your physician right away. These problems are not very common, but like with any ingredient you can have allergic reactions happen at any time.

The thing to do is make sure that you are watching for any problems that may happen and think about what you are using on your body. When you are using aloe correctly and have no allergies to it, you should see results happen for you in a short amount of time.

Herbal Medicine – Then and Now

By Tess Thompson

Many spices and herbs that we normally use as seasoning on food have useful medicinal properties and this characteristic was exploited ages ago by our ancestors. They used them as herbal remedies for protection against food borne pathogens.

Aloe as an herbal treatment….many plants produce substances, particularly alkaloids, to protect themselves from attack from insects, microorganisms and herbivores. These include aromatic flowers, roots and bark, which produce phenols or their oxygenated derivatives such as tannins. Many of them are secondary substances that are involved in metabolism either directly or indirectly. All these properties are useful for maintaining the health of humans as well as animals.

Indigenous plants have been in use over continents as natural remedies for treatment of ailments. Evidence, dating as back as 60,000 years ago, exists to show that Neanderthals used medicinal plants to treat specific ailments.

Aloe as an herbal treatment….along with skeletons, pollen of some specific herbs that was not naturally present in the soil in adjacent areas of Shanidar Caves in Iraq was found. On further analysis it was discovered to be of Yarrow, Cornflower, Bachelor’s Button, St. Barnaby’s Thistle, Ragwort or Groundsel, Grape Hyacinth, Joint Pine or Woody Horsetail and Hollyhock, all of which have been in use as diuretics, stimulants, astringents and for their anti-inflammatory effect.

However, the first generally accepted evidence (radiocarbon dated for 13000 – 25000 BC) was found in cave paintings in Lascaux caves in France. A man frozen in the Swiss Alps for more than 5300 years ago was found to possess herbal medicine that he apparently used to treat parasites in his intestines.

Despite such discoveries, very little has been done on the subject of herbal medicine, However, it faces assault from conventionalists who refuse to accept the efficacy of natural remedies. This is despite the proven efficacy of homeopathy. It is indeed surprising that many drugs available to doctors, such as opium, aspirin, digitalis and quinine are derived from herbs and have a long proven history as curative herbs.

Aloe as an herbal treatment….there seems to be an uncanny campaign against herbal medicine to discredit it. Probably this is because herbs and natural products cannot be patented and used by big corporations to their monetary advantage. The fact that the FDA acknowledges very few herbs as useful does not help either and leaves only folklore and anecdotal evidence as its only support.

Aloe as an herbal treatment….the scene as it is today is however encouraging. Recently there has been a surge in popularity of safer treatment modalities, which nature has provided for the benefit of mankind. Herbal medicine has been and still is the mainstay of under-developed societies. Due to the negative effects of conventional drugs, presented in the shape of side effects and the inability of allopathic drugs to remove the root cause of the disease, herbal medicine and supplements are fast catching the fancy of the discerning public in industrialized nations also.