6 Top Beauty Tips For The Summer!

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)

Summer is one of the best seasons throughout the year. This is because during summer times, many activities are likely to happen like a reunion with friends, a long vacation on the beach and some outdoor activities like camping. In addition, during this dry season, it is very perfect to lose some weight and be perfectly fit.

Moreover, summer is also the season when the days are the longest. For that reason, there is more time to enjoy and be bold under the sun or be at the beach and swimming.

The problem, however, with summer is that it is hard to stay beautiful most especially for girls. This is because during Summer times, there are so many things to do outdoors. And let’s face it, few of us look good when we are drenched in sweat or we are sunburned.

Our hair can get dried out and look dead – in essence, we can end up looking pretty bad. That is, unless we take a few precautions before, during and after time outdoors.

Because not everyone is aware of these simple techniques some females spend most of their summer time indoors instead of outside having fun. To remedy that, and for most women were able to enjoy the Summer time, here are a few tips that can be done to maintain your beauty while under the sun.

1. Wear small amount or layers of make-up.

Summer time is not the best time to wear your expensive make-ups. You may leave that to the other times of the year since during summer, your make-up will easily melt away. If that happens, instead of looking great, you may look hilarious or you may have the most disastrous day ever.

2. Let your skin breath.

During summer, the pores can easily become blocked with sweat, dirt, dust or other particles. For that reason, wearing a few layers of facial powder or foundation can be of great help for your skin to breath and for it not to be clogged.

In addition, if you can wear no make-up the better. You should also washyour face at night to refresh your face as well as to remove the dirt that may clog your pores.

3. Use tinted moisturizer.

This is another way of replacing your foundation or make –up. Tinted moisturizer is very much capable of hiding your skin flaws. However, it is much lighter as compared to foundations. So, your skin can still breath even with tinted moisturizer.

4. A waterproof cosmetic is your BFF.

Consider buying waterproof cosmetics during the summer since it will be your best friend for the season. This is because if you can’t live without the slightest make-up, then waterproof cosmetics are the answer. They will help to avoid smudges that are common on regular make-ups.

5. Use colorful nail polish.

Juicy nail polish will make you more beautiful during the summer as they complement the season. So avoid the dark colored ones and have tutti fruitti theme in your finger nails. However, remember to clean thoroughly your hands and feet before you apply the nail polish.

6. Wear sunscreen protection.

Well, never leave the house or the building without applying sunscreen to avoid skin damage caused by the sun. Choose the one with higher SPF rating since those lotions can protect you longer under the sun.