4 Secrets And Lies About Adhd Treatments

Let us have a look at a few lies about ADHD first. ADHD is caused by bad or absent parents, too much Internet and TV, too much sugar and it has been invented by the drug companies to make lots of money. These four lies are still broadcast by so-called know-it-alls. Fortunately there are lots of intelligent people around who know something about ADHD treatments and will not be fobbed off with lies or glib answers from the drug companies.

Want to know a secret? The former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine stated openly that there are certain academic institutions and individuals who are in the pay of the drug companies to provide biased results of clinical trials. This is not just about ADHD treatments but applies across the board for most medicines.

Another lie is that sugar causes hyperactivity in ADHD children. The BBC exposed this on a video where it was shown that parents’ perceptions of the bad behavior was influenced by the fact that they knew that the children had been given too much sugar!.

Want to know another secret? It is actually true that too much sugar may cause swings in blood sugar levels and this can cause a few crashes. The easiest way to avoid it is to reduce carbohydrates at breakfast as they contain simple sugars. Give preference to proteins which can actually help to keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. A simple dietary trick can help to implement effective ADHD treatments whichever one you choose.

ADHD treatments using EEG

It is not really a secret but professors at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK have reported promising results in reduction of impulsiveness and over-excitability in ADHD kids after they used (EEG) neurofeedback. The kids play a fun educational computer game by wearing a special helmet. This picks up the brain waves and the children can only play the game when their concentration levels are at a certain level. They tried this for twelve weeks and played the game three times a week and then their progress was noted.

Why is an ADHD homeopathic remedy so poorly publicized among all the ADHD treatments? Because it is one of the best kept secrets in ADHD, because there are no powerful lobbies pushing it. It is enormously successful because it takes a holistic approach and also because it is using natural substances from plants and other sources. Secondly, there are no alarming side effects and no health risks such as cardiac problems or loss of appetite. Thirdly it is the most economical of all the effective ADHD treatments and last but not least, the preparations I recommend below are manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Why not check it out for yourself?