12 Foods to Avoid for Optimal Health

Foods To Avoid


12 Foods to Avoid….what did you eat for lunch today? Did you slam down a super-sized value meal at the fast food restaurant down the street? You may want to rethink your next trip through the drive through line.

There are many foods today that should be avoided at all costs. Not only can these foods be unhealthy, they can actually lead to additional health problems. In most cases, there are healthy alternatives to these foods and you won’t have to compromise the tastes that you might love so much.

Here are twelve foods to avoid in order to stay healthy, or help to regain your health:

12 Foods to Avoid At All Costs

1. Soda: Full of sugar and empty calories, soda is one of the biggest contributors to obesity today. Diet sodas are no better, as many of the artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, are carcinogens or cancer-causing agents. Avoid them.

Drink 8 – 10 glasses of filtered water each day and let someone else have the soda. If plain water just simply doesn’t do the trick for you, consider using a slice of lemon to add some flavor.

2. Meat: While we have been taught for decades that meat is a terrific source of protein and iron, most meat sold today is full of hormones, antibiotics, and other substances that can cause everything from breast and cervical cancer in women to prostate cancer in men.

Replace several meals each week with beans, vegetables and fruits to reduce your risks of these cancers. If you must eat meat sporadically, buy meat that specifically does not contain hormones or antibiotics.

When in doubt, ask the butcher or buy from a meat store that sells meat only from organically-raised animals. But keep in mind, meat is an acidic food and is damaging to your health. Meat should definitely be included in your list of foods to avoid.

3. Pasteurized Milk: Once milk is heated to 160 degrees, there is a form of calcium present that cannot be broken down by the body. It also coats the digestive track with mucus that can interfere with nutrient absorption.

Other sources of calcium must be ingested, such as in nuts, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. For babies, breast milk is best. If that’s not an option, then consider goats’ milk or almond milk.

4. Sugar: Avoid refined sugar. It quickly raises your blood sugar, which makes the body produce more insulin that is actually required. This makes your pancreas and liver work harder than needed, which can eventually lead to damage of these vital organs. Unrefined sugar is best if you must use this sweetener.

5. Grapefruit: While you shouldn’t avoid fruit, the grapefruit has now been linked to higher rates of breast cancer in women. This is because grapefruit interferes with an enzyme produced in the liver that limits a woman’s hormone production. Without this enzyme to control hormone production, a woman’s chance of breast cancer rises by 30%.

6. Foods with BHA and BHT: Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT) are both cancer causing agents and are used as preservatives in many foods to prevent fat from turning rancid.

These preservatives are normally found in potato chips, vegetable oils, cereals, and even chewing gum. These two substances are not simply excreted by the body, either. They remain in the body long after you eat the food and have been linked to cancer in some laboratory animals. Read the labels and replace with foods that do not contain these preservatives.

7. Salt: Salt makes the body retain fluids and is often one of the causes of high blood pressure, which can lead to and increased risk of stroke and cardiac failure. It can lead to kidney, liver, and brain damage, as well. Unless your doctor says it’s ok for you to eat salt because of low blood pressure (like I have), replace salt with other natural herbs and seasonings.

8. Refined Grains: While you always heard that grains are good for you, refined grains are not and should be on your list of foods to avoid. The process of refining removes many of the valuable nutrients.

White flour contains a bleaching agent similar to Clorox called Alloxan, which can destroy the beta-cells located in the pancreas that leads to Type 2 Diabetes.

Replace refined grains with natural, whole grains that have more of their nutritional value.

9. Fried Foods: You have heard about fried foods and their unhealthy effect on the body. However, many fried foods such as French fries and potato chips, also contain Acrylamide.

This cancer-causing substance is found in many other fried foods and most fried foods are very high in trans fats, which can lead to heart disease and other health problems.

10. Processed Lunchmeat: They are full of salt and preservatives. There are many other foods available that provide protein, such as beans and nuts. If you must have this type of food, choose natural meats that have no preservatives and are lower in sodium.

11. Smoked and Pickled Foods: These foods to avoid are associated with an increased risk of digestive tract cancers. Smoked and pickled foods contain nitrates, which are thought to increase the body’s risk of certain cancers. Broiling, boiling, or steaming foods is much better for you and will provide less nitrates to your body.

12. Name Brand Foods: Marie Calendar’s Pot Pie contains 1,050 calories and 24 grams of saturated fat. The Olive Garden’s Homemade Lasagna, Lightly Breaded Chicken Parmesan, and Fettuccini Alfredo contains 1450 calories, 33 grams of saturated fat and a whopping 3,830 milligrams of sodium.

Progresso Traditional Rich and Hearty Soups contain over 50% of the recommended levels of sodium for one day – in only half a can.

There are many healthier choices, including lower sodium and lower fat options. Better still, make the pot pie or the lasagna at home. This will at least get rid of many of the preservatives and sodium used in frozen fast foods and from restaurants that provide dishes that some consider “sinful” and even “deadly.”

A lifetime of eating processed foods will be shorter than it needs to be.

Healthy Choices Lead to Longevity and Increased Well-Being.

Far too many people do not consider how important it is to watch what they eat. The old adage of “you are what you eat” is a perfect statement.

If you consume foods that are unhealthy, you too, will be unhealthy. With the billions of dollars spent on advertising and conflicting reports from research facilities, it’s often difficult to wade through the information and come to a sensible conclusion.

By now, every thinking person should be well aware that fats, salt, additives and preservatives are bad for you. However, there is so much more out there that is not beneficial for your body and can even cause irreparable damage, that we must be constantly on-guard, not only for ourselves, but also for our children.

Children are so impacted by what their parents eat and by advertising that most two-year-olds can identify the McDonald’s emblem with French fries.

Final Thoughts

With the advances in medicine and science, the human species as a whole should be on its way to increased longevity and a disease-free world. However, with the foods that are eaten each and every day, the species is slowly poisoning their bodies.

Only after society as a whole stands up and takes notice of what foods should be avoided will society as a whole become healthier.